If you know me or start to get to know me you will begin to learn I’m something of a fragrance manic.  I collect perfume and have a large quantity of perfume, so if somebody asks me about a perfume the chances are I have either tested it at some point, own it or I want it. so weather you like floral, sweet, or something unique to you, I’ll try to give you my best opinion on it. Perfume smells different to everyone and smells differently on on different people. I will post links on where to find each perfume I look at for the best price, and my thoughts on the product itself.





Luscious, Full and Healthy looking lips help add the finishing touch to your make up look or make make your smile seem brighter. In this category I will be speaking about the best, lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip balms, lip scrubs and what colours work at different times of the  year, finding your perfect shade is a challenge so once you find it you want it to be the best quality so I will be testing a wide range of different lip products to make your life that little bit simpler.