Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System


For the last month I have been using the Anti-Blemish Solutions kit from Clinique, if you have blemish prone skin this is the best product I could recommend.

I get break-outs from time to time and like anyone I try to disparately get rid of them. after only a month of using this system my skin is completely free of blemishes.

How it works.

Step one:  Wet your face, and use two-three pumps of the cleansing foam, wait about 30 seconds and wash off, I’ll admit it doesn’t smell amazing but if it works who cares what it smells like.

Step two: Exfoliate with the clarifying lotion. Shake the bottle well before you open it so the powder at the bottom of the bottle mixes in with the liquid. Pour a small amount on to a cotton pad and sweep across your face, avoiding contact with eyes. Allow around two minutes for it to dry into your face before proceeding to step three.

Step 3: Clearing Moisturiser , place a pea sized amount on to your hands and rub into your face and neck.

You should do this process twice a day for four weeks. After your this amount of time your skin should become clear, some acne prone skin may take a little longer but be patient!

After four weeks and you see results you can cut down the amount of times you use certain products, not i only use the cleansing foam twice a week, the clarifying lotion once a day and the Clearing Moisturiser twice a day. I do feel these products really do work and help keep break outs at bay.

The Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions range offer a few make up products such as a foundation and a concealer, but I do not recommend purchasing until after you have used the 3-step system for at least a month! Full reviews of the foundation and concealer will  be up in due time.

Purchase at:

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