Freederm Gel


Want fast, over night results in getting rid of annoying spots?

Freederm Gel has been my go to product for when i get a spot here and there from wearing make up a little to often. (oops)

I use the Gel at night once I have removed every trace of make up and cleansed my skin. Place a small amount on each spot or pimple and go to bed, by the next morning the redness has gone and the spot made smaller.

Freederm Gel contains something called  nicotinamide – which has been clinically proven to help get rid of inflamed red spots. These are the ones that are reddish-coloured, usually tender, and sometimes have pus in them. (YUK!)

You can by Freederm Gel over the counters at most pharmacy’s for around £6-£10 or sometimes you can get it on prescription from your doctor. The Freederm company offer a wide range of products but this is the one that works best for me,  I honestly don’t know what i would do without this product.

Holy Grail Product

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