Benefit-“Hello Flawless!”



Flawless Coverage, Non-Cakey and long lasting…..

“Hello Flawless!” powder by Benefit does exactly like it says, it makes your skin appear flawless! (Magic). I have this product in shade Ivory and I’ve been using it for around four weeks now and although the product is expensive retailing at around £24  it really is the best I have ever used. It contains SPF 15 so it’s one less thing you have to worry about as we all know SPF is impotent.

We all get days where we just can’t be bothered to do our make up in full, with this product you can just prime your skin and swipe the powder over your skin for a flawless look.  There are two different ways to apply the product but here is what I do to create flawless look when I feel lazy and when I’m putting on a full face.

Lazy Make up.

1. Prime your skin

2. Use the sponge provided and lightly (yes that means only use a little) dab the powder in your ‘Problem Areas’.

3. Using a powder brush, there is one provided but I like to use one I’m more comfortable with and lightly swipe the powder across your T-zone and then the rest of your face.

4. Dab on a little of concealer if you feel you need it.

It takes the redness out of your face and covers blemishes so their unnoticed.

If your using this powder with foundation just swipe the powder  across your face, it will act as a setting powder keeping your make up in place for ages (mine lasts for around 6 hours) it also takes redness out of your face and helps to smooth you complexion.

I haven’t found a better face powder yet to compare to this one but I’ll keep looking for a cheaper alternative for you.

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