L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes




Why pay £18 for Benefits ‘Their Real Mascara’ when you can pay £10 for L’Oreal ‘Volume Million Lashes’ for £10!…

This is now my favorite mascara and I’ve used a lot of different mascara’s to find that out, I’m completely in love with this product.

It highly pigmented and stays in place all day. It also comes in a ‘Diamantissime’ version which is again black with a little sparkle for those evenings out or when you want your eyes to sparkle that little more.

It has a thick but manageable formula and a plastic wand for clump free application. Now I know plastic wands are not to everybody’s taste but I find them more hygienic as you can was them with out damaging the wand.

Now Benefit ‘There Real’ comes with a wand that had a nub on the end to get those hard to reach places. Now This mascara does not have this but it has a wand that can do the exact same job, getting into them trickier places while still creating a false lash effect, thickening and making your lashes appear moreish.

I highly recommend you try this before purchasing a ‘High end’ one as it really does the same thing.

purchase at:

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