Freederm-Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes


In an earlier post I blogged about the Freederm Gel. Now as the post suggests I’m going to blog about the cleansing wipes. I used these with the gel. The freederm range comes with a wide range of items but I have only used the Gel and the wipes.

On the Packet it says that these wipes are for all skin types. I have very dry and sensitive skin and I have experienced no irritation.
I take off my make up using a normal baby wipe and I then cleanse my skin with my usual cleanser. I then go over my face and neck with the Freederm wipes before I go on to moisturize  my skin.

They leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. They contain an antibacterial that as suggests fights bacteria and unclog pores, which helps to prevent spots, and to bring up underlying spots so you can fight them faster using the Freederm Gel.

I use this product only at night even though it is suggested you use them twice a day. (morning and night) I don’t use them in the morning as I clean my brushes daily and feel no need.

I really like these wipes, their kind to my skin and help clear away any blemishes on my face as well as leaving me feeling fresh and clean before I sleep.

If you have problem prone skin like me I highly suggest you give these a go! and their affordable too great news for any student like myself!

Purchase at:


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