Chanel-Soleil Tan De Chanel (Bronze Universal)


I know a lot of people review this product and well I thought I would too, but I’m a very pale individual so it may interest you a bit more.
(It works for all skin tones but I’m speaking from my own opinion.) Like I said I’m very pale, so pale I think the sun just misses me as I don’t even burn in the sun! anyways bronzers don’t really work for me I just look orange and yuk. That was until I went to the Chanel counter in my local department store, and got my make up done. They used ‘Soleil Tan De Chanel’ Bronze universel on my skin and it looked good! I wasn’t orange and I didn’t look like a ghost any more!

The lady at the counter showed me how to apply it, in a light enough way for my skin and I was off.

It’s a creme bronzer and it feels silky smooth on your skin it has a little shimmer but not much so you don’t look glittery but it help catch light on to your face helping to slim it.  it feel luxurious and at £30 I expect it too. £30 is pricey trust me I know I’m a student and my account felt the pinch haha. But I feel it’s worth the price as you get a lot of product for the price and it lasts a long time.

Since buying the product I have found my own technique into applying at and I have watched other people on YouTube apply it in different ways, I feel this product works for everybody.

The product blends so easily with hardly any effort needed I only spend around 10-15 mins in the morning doing my make up, so time is a given. (hate effort!) It stays in place all day whilst still looking natural.

How I Apply:

Most people use a Kabuki Brush but i use a fluffy powder brush, I lightly swirl the brush over the powder and apply to my skin. I use it on top of my foundation and then put on my setting powder over the top, to take the harshness off to look natural.

Some people like to use a moisturiser with it to lighten it, it works but I don’t like this method. You can also use it under a light to medium coverage foundation to lighten it, I do use this method when I’m going out at night and put actual effort into my make up!

This is the only bronzer I have personalty owned, But I have done a lot of research from other beauty bloggers and I don’t know of any product this compares too it seems to be unique and well loved!

Purchase at:

@AngieBeatDown   x


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