MUA-Pro Brow Kit



Make Up Academy Professional (MUA) Pro Brow ultimate eyebrow kit. (That’s a mouthful!)  I love this little kit and if you read the rest of this post, you’ll find out why….

I have odd brows which do not shape easy as I have a little scar on one which becomes very visible if plucked. Now I’ve used many brow kits in the past but this one by MUA has to be by far my favorite.

It has three colours to choose from and a wax to keep your brows in place. It also comes with a mini tweezers and a double ended brush. (which isn’t too bad)

I use a mix of the top two colours and then pop the wax on to keep them in place. The colours cover my little scar no problem making it completely invisible.  They make my brows look tidy and the mini tweezers get the stray little hairs that don’t want to stay neat.
Before this product entered my life for good, I used the Benefit -Brow Zings which retails for £22! and that only comes with two colours.
This Brow Palette only cost £3.50 yes you read correctly, £3.50!! Which is a huge price difference from what I used to use, and being a student waiting for her next loan to come in it’s kind to my bank account too!!

Purchase at:

or at any Superdrug store.




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