Finding Your Signature Scent!




It is said that memory can be linked to scent so finding a signature scent can be difficult. This blog post is aimed at making it easier to find yours. 


Remember when finding your signature scent don’t focus on the ingredients in it, but focus on how it makes you feel and how your remember it.

You should choose something that resembles you, and remember perfume smells different on everyone, so just because it smells amazing on somebody else doesn’t mean it will on you too.

Think about the sort of scent you like, for example I like floral but sweet scents.  So go to the perfume counters and get sniffing! This may take a while but worth it, the perfume you feel the happiest wearing, the one that gets you compliments or the one that gives you the best memory is the winner!

My signature scent I wear most often is Loverdose by Diesel.  It’s an odd scent and I’m an odd person so fitting haha.

or if I’m going back home to visit family I wear Ghost sweetheart and it was one of my first bottles of perfume and it’s what they remember me wearing.

I know perfume isn’t cheap but it’s the one thing I always wear and is always in my handbag.

A good tip if you find the one scent you truly love is to by the biggest bottle in EDP if you can. It works out cheaper in the long run, and lasts longer.

I hope this helps



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