Newspaper Nails


iphone 1 003


Impress you friends and family with newspaper nails! Nail art made easy! classy looking nails in under 10 minutes . As a budding journalist I thought this fitting.

You will need:
A pale nail varnish (I recommend Barry-M Gelly nude shades) (What I used is pictured above)
A sheet of newspaper
An eggcup (or shot glass) of vodka (or any other clear alcohol)
A clear nail varnish or topcoat

  1. Cut the newspaper into 10 pieces, roughly two inches wide and one inch long (more than enough to cover a fingernail).
  2. Apply two coats of pale nail polish and let it dry completely.
  3. Dip one fingernail in the vodka.
  4. Press a strip of newspaper onto the nail, being careful to cover the whole nail and to keep it still. Allow the vodka to soak through. The harder your press down the darker the ink will be on your nails.
  5. Peel the paper off slowly (and be really impressed with yourself).
  6. Once every nail is done and the vodka has dried, apply a top coat of clear varnish.

quick and easy nail art with out the fuss at the mess! you may get some of the news paper ink on your skin but it’s nothing a q-tip and some nail polish remover wont fix! 🙂

If your too young for alcohol please don’t go  breaking the law for this look! you can use an alcohol based mouthwash, a liquid hand gel or white vinegar.

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