Acid Wash Nails

Acid wash nails are a little grunge, and very easy to achieve. Carry on readying and be impressed by your own handy work!


Products used:

Revlon base coat and top coat

OPI- dating royal

Barry M – nail paint matt white

Superdrug blank nail set

Boots conditioning nail polish remover


Step 1.  Use a base coat to create a smooth surface for your paint to sit on.

Step 2. Choose a dark colour as your bottom coat. I used two coats of OPI – Dating Royal

Step 3. Using a paler colour paint 1 coat over the top of the darker shade once dry. I used Barry M paint pot in Matt white

Step 4: Once all is dry use a Q-tip dipped in acetone and LIGHTLY rub away some of the white polish.

Step 5: top off with a coat of top coat and done!


I hope you enjoyed and good luck it only takes 10 minutes 🙂



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