Save Money on High End Brands!



Good make-up is very rarely cheap, So I’m going to tell you a few tips and tricks to buying high end make-up at a better price and how to get the most for your money when you do buy it!

Look for size!

Often when we buy things we get sucked in buy the packaging and that’s exactly what company’s want to happen! ALWAYS look on the back of the packaging too see how much product your getting for your money!

Benefit ‘Hello Flawless’ powder has 7.0g of product inside its very nice packaged products but Rimmel ‘Stay Matte powder’ has 14g of product inside it the packaging which admittedly doesn’t look as good but you get so much more. In this case as much as I love Benefit ‘Hello Flawless’ powder Rimmel ‘Stay Matte Powder’ is a lot cheaper, you get more and they both do the same thing!


Ask for Testers!

Don’t be shy to go to counters such as MAC, Dior or Chanel and ask for take away testers. Before I purchased a full sized bottle of Chanel ‘Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation’ I used testers for around 2 months! Department stores are everywhere and most have them have the same counters so circle them getting testers before you buy! most of them will forget who you are anyways!

If they refuse to give a sample then don’t spend your money there! remember it’s you who keep these people in a job so they HAVE to be nice to you!

It’s your money and you need to be sure that the product 100% works for you because it’s a lot of money down the drain if it doesn’t.


The Internet is Your Friend!

Once you found a product you love, found the shade that’s best for you and are 100% happy with it, Look online!

Most of the time you’ll find what your looking for £4,£5 or £10 cheaper than what it is in a store and sometimes even more! There is no need to spend more than you need to on a product you can get cheaper elsewhere.



The best thing about High End make-up is you normally end up using less off it, and thus making it last a lot longer than a cheaper brand. But that’s not too say cheaper Drug-Store brands work just as well because there are some that work just as well or sometimes better.

I hope this helped you in your expedition to High End make-up.


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