Make Up Academy (MUA) Product Review.

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Lately I have been hearing some good things about MUA products and thought I would give some a try. I had used one or two products before but I have never done a review. Some of the products are really great quality and are worth for more than the price they retail for. MUA can only be purchased at Superdrug stores or online.  All links will be at the end of this post.


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I don’t usually stray from my Chanel bronzer but I was asked about this product a few weeks ago so I thought I would try it out. It didn’t cost very much so I wasn’t hoping for much from the product.

At first glance it has a little sparkle to it which was a little off putting and it seemed too dark for me.

I was really pleasantly surprised when I tried the bronzer on my skin. It is a powder but it feel really creamy and blends beautify into your skin. It has a little bit of shimmer but it isn’t too much its barley noticeable really, I’m someone who likes a matte finish so this is great!

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It’s not to Orange against my skin in the picture I didn’t use a brush to swatch it so it’s a lot darker to what I would wear it on my face. I only use a little bit to give my face shape, so if you use bronzer differently you would have to try it out for your self, as I’m to pale to use it all over my face and neck.

It does only come in one colour so if you are of colour then you would have to build it up.

Since I got this I find myself reaching for this instead of my Chanel if i’m only popping into the city. At £3 you can’t really go wrong on price as you get 15g worth of product!


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I love felt tip liners! their so easy to use and you don’t need to put much effort in to make them look good. But the thing with felt tip liners is they dry up quickly which sucks! I’ve tried so many brands and even if you spend £10+ on them they still dry up!

I gave this one a go as after spending a fortune on other high end brands that dry up just as quickly as the cheaper brands I though what have I got to lost its only £2!

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It’s a good product and does what it supposed too. If you like a thinner liner then this may not be for you but I personally like my liner quite thick. It’s easy to create a cat eye flick with it and it soft when it goes on.

What I would say though is use a fixing spray with it as soon as it gets just a little wet it will run and you will end up looking as if you’ve been crying floods, and as somebody who lives Wales where all it does is rain it’s not a great look!

It lasted me around six weeks before going dry which is pretty good as my Dior one only lasted four weeks!


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Yes its a clear mascara and yes I agree that’s boring but I use it as a brow gel as I don’t like the wax that comes with the brow kits.

it’s only £1! now compared too the MAC brow gel that costs £12.50 and does the same bloody thing its a bargain!

There isn’t much else to say really, It lasts all day and keeps your brows in place.


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For a palette that only costs £4 this is so pigmented! Some of the shades inside this are close to eye shadows by MAC and Urban Decay!

Their staying power is great they last all day, Apart from the Naked 2 palette by Urban decay this is an amazing naturals palette. If I don’t reach for my Naked 2 palette you can be sure that I’m reaching for this!

I don’t like glittery shades and usually only wear matte shades this palette has the best of both worlds, so if I need to do a day to night look then this is perfect!

I was really taken back by this product, I think it’s worth way more than it retails for.


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MUA lipsticks only cost £1! There really pigmented and come in a range of colours. My Favorite is shade seven as It’s one I can wear everyday.

There pretty hydrating and I feel I can wear every colour in the range, which is rare as I’m usually too pale to do that!

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I usually wear a gloss over lipstick unless I’m going for a matte lip, but there is no need with these. I’d compare them to lipsticks by Too Faced cosmetics shade seven is a great dupe for their lipstick called Spice spice baby.

The MUA lipstick come with a little secret compartment at the bottom which twists off and has more product! So if your running low you have a little more to last you until you go buy more! (The clever people)


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(sorry the writing has rubbed away on the lid!)

Now most people use this as a highlighter for the top of their cheek bones, however like I’ve said many times through my blog I’m really pale so this is the perfect blush for people with very fair skin!

They do make a darker colour but it’s too dark for me and I’m not a very daring person.

I haven’t tried any other product like this but it’s the only blush I have found that I really like and I recommend it to everyone. It’s only £2.50 so it’s a steal!


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This was given to me by a friend so I thought I’d include it in this review!

At first glance I thought it would be the colour as it looks in the tube (which I don’t like). But to my surprise it was sheer! (yes I know it says on the tube but I’m the the observant sort)

I use this as one of my everyday lip colours when I want something there but not too fussed if you can’t see it. It’s perfect for days when I can’t be bothered to do my face make up but don’t want to go out without any thing, throw on some mascara and lippy done.

It’s only  £1 and I’d recommend it to everyone, and before you ask no it’s not sticky if it was I wouldn’t use it as I hate sticky lip-gloss.


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After using the MAC fix plus and finding it doing  nothing in the terms of keeping my make up in place I wasn’t too apprehensive for this.  MAC fix plus costs £13.50 and apart for making your face shine does nothing!

This one costs £5 and Oh! my days it’s amazing! It works It kept my make up on all day and most of the night.

When I don’t use this you can start to see my mascara smudge and my foundation go patchy but with this my mascara doesn’t move even in the rain! and my face stays flawless all day.

I don’t know if it’s a waterproof formula but I think it is as it keeps my make-up in place in the rain and you really have to scrub at your lashes to remove your eyeliner and mascara. (no I don’t use waterproof mascara)


Purchase MUA products at:




I hope you liked this review see you next time


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  1. Aw, this was a very high quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this as well – taking time and real work to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and in no way appear to have a thing done.

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