NEXT LOVE Eau De Parfum

iphone 1 034

One of my closest friends showed me this and I really, really love it! I wasn’t even aware that Next made perfume!

This is the perfect perfume for spring if your not looking to spend to much but still smell rather classy!

The scent reminds me of all the forest (woodland) flowers coming out to bloom in the spring. It’s a really fresh feminine scent which a light spice too it.

One the back of the box it says that it has a top note of Pink pepper, with a heart of lily of the valley ( my favorite flower) and a base of patchouli musk.

The bottle reminds me of something by Chanel and it smells a little bit like Chanel Allure just a little bit lighter in fragrance.

it’s £8 for a 50ml bottle and its EDP so it’s worth a try, so next time your passing a NEXT store pop in and have a sniff!

It dosen’t irritate my skin either which is a bonus.


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