My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

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Spring is in the air! my favorite time of year everything is so fresh and just lovely and of course its the time of year where I (dis) gracefully turn another year older, but what that also means is I get new perfume! YAY! It also means I can switch my perfume up a little bit and swap and change my scents. 

5.   Terry Mugler – Alien 

This is Number five on my list for two reasons, the first being I don’t wear it very often. I wear this as my ‘going out on the town’ scent and believe it or not contrary to common belief I don’t go out very often, and yes I know you thought I was a student, I am but drinking is expensive and it’s something I save for special occasions, Moving on…

The next reason its number five is many of my friends really like my opinion on perfumes. ( forget New York, I ❤ Fragrance) This one smells different on everyone so even if you are wearing the same perfume you don’t smell exactly the same.

Alien is the ultimate Jasmine based perfume it’s in your face it’s edgy and dark and I bloody love it! For going out you don’t want to smell delicate, you want in your face, move out my way I need a drink kind of thing and this is just that for me.

I have this as a 30ml or for you Americans 1 FL. OZ I don’t know how much it was as like most of my perfumes it was a gift. I have the refillable bottle which is great as its cheaper to buy next time. (WIN)

The body cream may not be for everyone but I had the gift set, Its very shimmery but I use it before I go out so it’s perfect for when I use it.

4. Hugo Boss – Boss Orange

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I absolutely love this one, its a scent like no other but it still remains soft and feminine. You may be thinking if I love it so much why is it only number four? Well a few reason but the main one being It has virtually no staying power.  If I wear it I have to carry it around with me to re-apply it through the day, which is a shame because if it has staying power it would be number one!

it’s soft it’s slight sweet but fresh. I love the sweet neroli note and how it sits in the skin after settling down.

Really do wish they would make a EDP version on this as it’s the perfect spring summer scent!

Again I don’t know the price of this as it was a gift but i’m sure you could find it with ease on the internet.

I have the 75ml bottle or 2.5 fl. oz


3. DKNY PURE-Drop of Vanilla 

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This is the perfume I wear almost everyday when Its sunny, It’s fresh and clean smelling and if you know anything about me, you would know I really, really love the smell of vanilla. Now you may be thinking if i wear this everyday when It’s sunny why haven’t I used more? Well I live in the UK, Wales to perfectly clear. I got this perfume last year and if your from Wales or even the UK you would know we didn’t have a great summer or spring last year. (sad I know) It was Sunny for a few days in March and one or two days in the summer but then it went horrid again. so I’m hoping this year will be better.

The scent lasts a all day on my skin and I get loads of compliments when I wear it. (simple things in life aye?) It has soft notes of vanilla but mostly too me it smells like fresh laundry.

I this in a gift set, believe it or not it was a gift too, however I do know the perfume to buy on it’s own is £39 for 50ml.

I few people have told me it didn’t work for them, I don’t really know how but bare that in mind when buying I guess. Also some money from this goes to African women who need help (it says on the back of my box set) I don’t know if that was just for this promotion or with every bottle sold but its still great.


2. Valentino- Rock’ N Rose

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Rosey & feminine but light. A typical scent, but I wouldn’t call it boring or dull. Its “nice”. Just nice.
A scent you can wear when you’re not in the mood for anything special but that will still make you smile when you get the whiffs as you walk.

This would be number one but they discontinued it! This is my day time special occasional perfume as I’m running out and don’t know wear to buy it now. If you know do let me know!

I have it in the 50ml or 1.6 fl oz in EDP. I’m not going to say much more on this one as I don’t know the price and you can’t buy it any more. But if you want something similar I’d recommend Marc Jacobs DOT its a little sweeter than this but its great, maybe that should be my number two instead of well I have done a review on it it’s on my blog so go look!

1.  HUGO- Pure Purple

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This is what I wore though most of last year and I’m still loving it! I have had this perfume for years!! I’m not 100% sure if its still being sold as I can’t find it anywhere as I really need a new bottle. I have emailed Hugo Boss and I’ll get back too you!

Again this scent smells different on everyone, It’s not overly sweet and it’s not too soft of a fragrance it’s the perfect middle ground.

It lasts all day on my skin and I find it changed throughout the day. It’s a mix between violets, cherry and vanilla and it’s amazing!

I really hope I can get another bottle of this without resorting to online as it’s always a pain and I don’t like waiting.

I have the 30ml bottle(1.0 fl. oz)  in EDP, If you get the chance you should go try this its perfection in a bottle. ❤

5 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

  1. Hey There. I discovered your blog the use of msn.
    That is an extremely well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

  2. alien,orange and pure purple are my favorites too. i came here while i was searching if pure purple was discontinued or not. i think we have similar taste in perfume so i’m gonna try drop of vanilla. you can give a chance to lacoste touch of pink as it’s one of my favourites. a nice spring daytime scent

    • I do like Lacoste Touch of pink I’ve had a few bottles of it, I just use it do fast or just fall in and out of love with it. I’m currently really loving See By Chloe for the day time, you should give that a go. 🙂

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