Long Lasting Lip Products



I don’t know about you, but I personally hate it when I put lipstick or gloss on, take a sip of coffee and BOOM! You no longer have any lip product on. Reapplying it in public always runs the risk of getting it on your teeth. So I’m picked out five products from my make up bag that last a long time on the lip.

Max Factor Lipfinity Colour and Gloss – RRP £9.99




Now they say this lasts up to 10 hours, Which could be true if you have no need to eat or drink through the day, which unless your a robot isn’t possible.
But it is very long lasting. I wore this on Monday and I only had to re-apply it twice, throughout the day.

The first time was after I had had lunch and a coffee around 1pm. It lasted when I ate but the coffee cup of coffee made it fade. It didn’t come off completely though which surprised me but I still re-applied because I’m always afraid that it would look patchy.

The second time I re-applied was around six at night when I went for a walk.


The colour pay off is amazing, It’s really worth the money. It glides on like a gloss and stays put. The gloss end is non-sticky and creates a multi-tonal effect on the lip.  The colour swatch shown above is the shade #Glazed Caramel. It tastes and smells like caramel too!

I don’t know If the product is available everywhere but I do know Max Factor are called Cover Girl in the USA so you would have to check their counters for yourself because for obvious reasons I can’t.


No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick – Shade Modesty RRP- £9.50



The people who make this say that it lasts up to eight hours, it could do on some people but it lasted around five hours on me before I had to re-apply. But when I wore this with a lip liner on Wednesday It lasted around eight hours which is bloody amazing you have to admit.



This is a matte shade so it may not be for you if you like a bit of shine to the lip. As it’s a matte shade it does mean it’s a little drying but used with a balm its fine.

The shade it’s self is a your lips but better kind of shade and I tend to wear this as an everyday lipstick for just popping into town.


ELF- Lip Plumping Lip Gloss – Ruby Kiss RRP £1.50





I can’t say this product is ‘lip plumping’ at best the clear end just makes my lips tingle due to the menthol in it, but for £1.50 the colour pay of is amazing and it’s stays on for a good five hours.








Sorry about the picture looking a little orange but the colour is a light red. It’s perfect for the people who don’t feel brave enough to go for a full red lip.

It has a non-sticky formula and I really love it.


L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6HR Lip Gloss – Loyal Wild Rose RRP £8.69



I like L’Oreal product I don’t care what anyone says they work for me, and until I find something that works just as well I’ll continue to do so. Now for a ‘drug store’ product L’Oreal have never been cheap their the kind of middle ground.

Now if you don’t like glitter this is not for you. The gloss is scented too me it smells like marshmallows but I like it. They say it lasts six hours but it only lasts around four on me. It does stand the coffee cup test it stays on with only a little transfer.


It has a heart shaped applicator which is really good once you get used to it, but like all things it takes time. This isn’t a lip gloss to wear over  lipstick the consistency is too heavy for that so wear alone! it looks really pretty and I like to wear this at night.

It is sticky which we have gathered by now that I don’t like but I can deal with this one! Compared to MAC lip glasses this ones a dream.


Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream – Cotton Candy 1 RRP £2.99



This is such a great product for such a small price. It smells like Vanilla Cupcakes and it feel smooth and velvety to wear. It has a matte finish and lasts for ages! I only had to re-apply this once through the day and in the shade I have I doesn’t look to unnatural.


it’s a really lovely product to have and you can drink what you want and it wont transfer! I love it. There isn’t anymore to say on this other than I shall be buying more!



If you want your normal lip products to last I suggest using a balm with it or a lip pencil. I don’t know how long lasting the products above are in other climates to wear I live but I’m sure there wont be much difference.





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