Products I Regret Buying.




We all have products that just don’t work for us, but look fabulous on other people. Well here are some products I really wanted to work for me but just didn’t. If they worked for you well good on you, but this is my opinion on products that really suck when used on me.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation.


I love the Clinique 3 step system and my skin is now the clearest it has ever been. So when I heard they had a foundation to go with the skin care I got excited and went to buy it.

Now clinique isn’t cheap and I think my expectations defeated reality. When I put it on it look powdery, cakey and patchy. I have really dry skin and even with primers, moisturizer and skin finishes just doesn’t look good on me.

I was really disappointed as I really wanted to love this as at the counter I was told it works on all skin types and well it clearly doesn’t work on dry sky.

Clarins -Ever Matte foundation.



This was the first type of high end make up I owned. When I got it I loved it, and I’ve bought this product time and time again, and the colour is a perfect match to my skin. but the last bottle I have is just awful.

I don’t know if I got an off product or if they changed their formula but this bottle made my skin look dry and flaky and over powdered, even if I don’t use a powder with it.

I haven’t changed my primer or my moisturizer so I really don’t know what happened. It’s not a bad product just this time it just wasn’t good.  Again Clarins isn’t a cheap brand so you can imagine my disappointment as I have used it before and loved it.


MAC- Fix Plus

(no picture because I threw the product out.)

I don’t like being negative about products but this one takes the biscuit if the ways of waste of money. It doesn’t hold your make up in place any longer than if you weren’t wearing it. All it does it makes your face shiny and I don’t like the finish.

It’s not a cheap products it’s not worth money, there are so many good products that do work and this shouldn’t be called a fixing spray because well its crap.


Rimmel-Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint + Balm  



This product claims to transfer proof but It’s not and it’s not at all long lasting. It fades so quickly and the colour pay off is rubbish. They don’t cost all that much but you should just save your money and buy something better this is a horrible product.

The stain is drying even with the balm. I had use a different balm just to make it look decent.


LO’REAL – Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime 


As you know from previous posts I LOVE the Volume Million Lashes mascara in ultra black and I have bought three or four tubes of it now. So before one of friends celebrated a late birthday I though I needed something to stand out on a night out.

I can’t use fake lashes I just can’t apply them. So I picked up the same mascara which had a little bit of sparkle. Well when you put it on you can’t see any of the sparkle and it dried up with in a week! I think I may have had a faulty one because I love the formula and the only thing I changed was the colour but it just wasn’t worth the £10 I paid for it.

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