Things I Suck At!


As requested from a few people on my twitter feed here are some things I suck at which maybe people would expect I’d be good at or things when It comes to make up I just fail at…..



1. Painting my nails

I can do a manicure easy enough if it’s just natural colours, I start to suck when it comes to any other colour, I’m inpatient and can’t be bothered to wait for it to dry and I end up smudging it, even if I use a drying mist or a quick dry top coat it just smudges! Or I paint my nails left it dry and I notice I’ve missed half of a nail. Painting my nails is just a pain.

2. Fake eyelashes

I just can’t do and I don’t have the patience to do it either. I can’t put them on myself and I can’t put them on other people! My eyesight doesn’t help the matter but the truth of the matter is It’s to much fiddling around for my level of patience to deal with.

3. Liquid eye liner

I can just about use a liner felt tip but any other form of liquid liner just ends up uneven, in a mess and just in the wrong places. I’d rather just use a gel pencil and smudge it out because I can never get them to look even.

4. Filling In eyebrows

I know your supposed to use a powder or a gel and I know what to do roughly but usually I just brush through them with a gel as I can’t for the life of me shape my brows and I really can’t be bothered to learn.

5.  Putting mascara on the lower lash line

 I can put mascara on the top lash line without getting mascara on my eyelid. (yay me) But I can’t put it on my lower lash line without getting it everywhere and too be honest I don’t really like the look of mascara on my own lower lash line, I have really long lashes so It just looks really silly when I wear it on my lower lash line.



1. Curling Hair

I can’t curl my hair, I don’t have the patience to sit there for 30 minutes plus with a hot tool curling my hair, for it just to fall flat within the first 20 minutes of it being done. I can’t even use rollers my hair just falls flat no matter what I use. I have a natural waves in my hair anyways, so If I want to curl my hair I just use a surf spray saves time and it stays in my hair.

2. Styling 

I can straighten my hair pretty well but that doesn’t mean it likes to stay that way.  I also can’t do anything else like fishtail braiding, french braid, up-does or just anything with it in general I usually just put it up into a bun or pony tail and leave it like that.




well that’s some of the things I suck at, there’s a lot more I’m rubbish at but we’ll leave it at that as I need to go away with some pride! So to make me feel better what do you suck at?

Tweet me your answers or leave a comment






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