April Favorites!

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May is here! by the time you wonderful people read this it will be the 2nd of May or maybe the 3rd depending on if I’ve written my presentation for university yet.  I love the month of May so many good things happen, the weather gets nicer, the day gets longer and my birthday comes around again. So with that going on this month I needed to remind my self what was good about last month, among a lot of good and bad goings on I found some great products in beauty, skin care and food ( some healthy and others not so healthy). I know you may be thinking I don’t really do favorite post and yes thats true but I don’t buy new products every month and I like to try things out for a long time before I decide I like them.  So here are my favorite products from last month.


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Calvin Klein Long Wear Pressed Powder (Light)

There are many reasons I like this powder the first reason is even in the name it’s long wearing and because it getting warmer I need something that’s going to last for most of the day without wearing off. The other reason I love it is because it’s the perfect colour too my skin. I struggle with foundation to match my skin tone and this one helps to make my foundation match my skin perfectly without using a lot.

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MAC Mineralise Skin Finish – Soft and Gentle

The main reason I adore this product is because It makes me look alive! I’m very pale as you may know from previous posts and with most foundation I have to make to make them look a little lighter with powder for them to look like my skin. I put this over my powder and it adds a little bit of colour to my face making me look healthy. I don’t really like wearing too much face make up in the summer so I can skin bronzer in the day time with this.


Dainty Doll Blusher – 001

Perfect colour for my face to add just a little colour to my cheeks when I want it. It’s the palest of pink colours so perfect for pale skin tones.

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Calvin Klein Eye Shadow Base – Bare Silk

This is a great eye shadow base and It really does help to make your eye shadow stay in place. I like to use this on my eyelids on its own to help my eyes look really bright and keeps my eyeliner in place all day.


New York Colour Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil – Blue Jean

I’ve been loving blue eyeliner lately and I wore this right through the month of April. This one is super soft and glides on so smoothly and it’s really cheap too!


Dainty Doll Eye Liner Pencil – 002

This is a perfect dupe for the MAC eye liner in Teddy, It’s smooth and lasts on the lid all day and has become my staple eyeliner other than black or blue.

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L’OREAL False Lash Flutter Mascara – Black

I love this because It really does make my lashes look fake, without wearing fake lashes it separates and lengthens perfectly! I have done a full a full review of this so go have a look!

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Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick – Smitten Red and Calvin Klein Lipstick – Sinful

I’ve been loving red lips lately and the two lipsticks above are the perfect shades for me, I love using the Avon lipstick in the day time, I put it on very lightly and blend it in to my lips with my fingers so its not so bright and add a clear lip glass. In the evenings or on gloomier days I’ve been wearing the Calvin Klein lipstick which matches my skin so well and I don’t blend this on the lip at all.

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MAC Bombshell

This is perfect for the days when I don’t want to wear much make up but still want a little something there on my lips. It a Mac frost lipstick and I love it.

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MUA- PRO BASE Fixing Mix

I found this product at the beginning of April  and It really does keep your make up in place with out leaving too much of a shine, which I love because I like my skin to look matte.

Skin Care

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L’OREAL Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I got this at the beginning of the month of April on the recommendations of a few people on twitter and Oh My Gosh It amazing It breaks down every trace of make -up and you do not need to use a lot at all! It unclogs your pores and tones and soothes your skin. It get rid of the redness in my cheeks and on my chin my skin has been a whole lot better in the case of break outs and leaves my skin feeling soft after use. I’ve been using this for around three weeks now and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin.

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Neutrogena – Multi-Defence Gentle Purifying Wipes

I’ve gone through two packs of these in the last month. I picked up three packs at the beginning of April as my usual Freederm wipes were out of stock and they have quickly made their way into my favorite products! I’m running out and will have to go and get more I don’t know if I should get more of these or go back to Freederm! Their both so good!

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ROC – Hydra + 24h cream

I love this makes my skin so soft all day and night It’s perfect. I defiantly will be purchasing the full size of this product.

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Nivea Sensitive and Pure

This is a little random to be in a favorites post but I love it, Its for sensitive skin as the name suggest and it doesn’t really smell of anything which it weird but I like it because that means my perfume does all the work in the term of smelling good. It’s an anti-perspirant which is great and It lasts all day!


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Cutex – Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I have the feel of cotton wool so putting nail varnish remover on to cotton pads or on cotton wool balls is hell on earth for me and it sticks to your nails and its so annoying! I then found these their wipes with nail varnish remover on them and it really love them saved me from the touch of cotton wool.


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Ice Tea! I love ice tea nothing more to say really other than its the perfect summer drink and It so yummy!

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Turkish delight is my favorite sweet. I do not like the Cadbury Turkish delight at all its to sweet and the Fry’s Turkish Delight isn’t as good as it used to be . I love this one though it’s not to sweet and the thin layer or chocolate is the perfect amount.

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