Bronzer Mayhem



Summer time means tanned skin, that is unless your like me and remain unfortunately pale. I have to use bronzer all year around just to look alive. I’ve been using the four (well three ones a skin finish) bronzers pictured above for a while now and I’m going to give my thoughts and how well they last and how they blend.



Chanel- Soleil Tan De Chanel (bronze Universel)

I love this product so much it’s worth the price tag that comes attached to the name and I’ve had this a long time now and I’ve barley scratched the surface. I use this under my foundation to contour my cheeks, nose and temples. If I want to use it on top of my foundation I mix it in with a moisturiser to sheer it out.

If I don’t use it under my foundation or mixed with a moisturiser it’s way to orange for my skin tone. If your lucky enough to be able to pull of a fake tan or are just naturally tanned or dark skinned you’ll adore this product possibly a bit more than I do.

It’s great for contouring as it has very, very fine glitter in it but looks matte on the skin or well it does on my skin anyways.  It smells amazing too just from the scent you know it’s Chanel, it feels silky on the skin and of course the price tag will tell you it’s Chanel at £32 a pop it’s not cheap but it lasts a long time, the pot it huge and your paying for great quality.


iphone 1 013


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish – Soft and Gentle

I know, I know this is not a bronzer it’s a skin finish but as I have mentioned I’m very pale and I use this on my cheeks to add a light bronze glow to my face when I can’t be bothered to contour my skin or wear blush I just pop this on a big face brush, sweep it across my cheeks, down my nose, forehead and chin and It makes me look alive.

It’s really silky on my skin and feels so light so I can use it with a BB cream.  I know a lot of people use this as a highlighter but i’m not that lucky but if you are it looks so beautiful on the skin, you lucky things.

It costs £21.50 but you get a lot of product for your money and it lasts so long I barley made a dent in mine and I’ve been using it every day for a month.


iphone 1 051 iphone 1 052


GOSH – Giant sun powder

This is the perfect dupe for the MAC mineralise skin finish in Gold Deposit it’s very shimmery so no good for contouring but perfect for a night out it gives a lovely glow on my face and its not orange. Darker skin tones this maybe a little bit to light but don’t quote me on that as I really couldn’t tell you for sure I’m just going on how it looks on my skin.

It blends beautify but you do have to work fast before the shimmer setts into your skin so you have it in the right place.

It only costs £13.99 and from the name and the pictures you can see it’s huge I don’t think I’ll ever run out of this!


iphone 1 010 iphone 1 011


MUA Bronze Perfection

In a previous blog post I mentioned how lovely this product was and it is but with more use from it and a few comments from people I’ve noticed now that it’s a little bit too dark for me, which is a shame because it is a really beautiful product on the skin just my paleness sucks.

Its a powder but it feels really creamy on the skin, it feels really similar to the Chanel Bronzer when it’s on the skin and it’s matte so perfect for contouring but I just look orange I can’t even use it under foundation.

It only costs £3 in stores and now MUA online do ship worldwide!



I hope you liked this post and if you want any help with MUA products if buying online and are unsure on shades just ask

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