Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Lipstick

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Collection or Collection 2000 as it was formally known, could be my favorite ‘drug store’ make up brands. Their lasting perfection concealer is known to be incredible and I also adore their nail polish and eyeliners too but I had not used any lip products by them until I stumbled upon this wonderful lipstick when I was out shopping with a friend. I got this around two weeks ago and according to the lady in the store it only went out on the shelves that day so I think I can say its a new product. Now enough of the back story into the review….

As you can see from the above images I got the shade ‘Vintage Rose’ and it’s a really pretty nude colour. It’s not nude as in ‘concealer lips’ but nude as in your lips but better colour. It makes you look healthy and this colour is perfect for my skin tone, and creates a classic and sophisticated look.

I like matte lipstick but the often leave my lips feeling dry and that’s not pretty but this lipstick although its not a matte lipstick still looks matte without it making your lips dry. It has no shimmer in it but does leave a small amount of glass to the lip so it’s like using a matte lipstick and a lip-gloss all in one.

I have used this almost everyday since I’ve had it as my day time lip colour I feel it makes me look healthy by adding colour to my face as I don’t use blusher too often in the day time. You can use this as a cream blush too as it has no shimmer in it and it blends very easily.

As it says on the label it is long lasting on the website it says it lasts all day and maybe it will if you have no need to eat or drink during the day. I found it lasted for around 5 hours and that’s including surviving me drinking a bottle of water and a cup of coffee so I think that’s pretty good.  I have worn it a lot and I think five to six hours lasting is pretty good all day is a bit out of reach as well we’re human and need to do human things like eat and drink.

This is my favorite shade out of all of the shades this formula comes in and according to the website which I’ll link below they make this lipstick in 11 different shades which are all very beautiful and for only £2.99 each I’ll be buying one or two more of the colours as this products is diffidently student budget friendly. This formula says it has an SPF of 15 in it which is great as we often forget to protect our lips from the sun.


I hope you liked reading and I’ll post soon please feel free to tweet me @AngieBeatDown and I look forward to hearing from you.

Angie x


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