Best and Worst Make-Up Removers


Removing your make up at the end of the day is a pain in the backside or it is for me anyways I’m really lazy and just don’t like doing it, But we all know we have to do it to achieve flawless skin. I like to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner and they’re a nightmare to remove if you don’t have a good remover. I have a few best and worsts for you in my opinion that work and don’t work for me.


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Neutrogena Multi-Defence gentle purifying wipes

These did work really well at removing my face make up but just didn’t do the job on their own. I had to use extra make up remover to get my mascara and eyeliner off and that’s just too much effort for me as I really don’t like taking off my make up. They do however leave you skin feeling really fresh and clean and I did really like it but they just didn’t have enough power to take of my waterproof mascara.

If you don’t use waterproof make up I’m sure these would work brilliantly and I would recommend them for that.


St Ives Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (dry and sensitive skin)

I found no real point to these wipes other than to freshen up with when I had no make up on.  I use a mineral foundation which isn’t hard to remove and it was a pain to get off using these wipes and it they stood no chance against my concealer let alone my mascara.

It says on the packaging it removes waterproof mascara but I think they need to rethink their selling point as I didn’t even remove my foundation.

I personally didn’t like these wipes but I think they would be great for travelling and your not wearing make up just to freshen up your skin as they do leave your skin feeling really clean but other than that their not much use in my opinion.



No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing lotion.

I love using this on my eyes to remove my eye make up even If I’ve used a really good make up wipe I still use this to just make sure I got it all off. It breaks down make up so quickly and you can just remove it quickly with a cotton wool ball or a cotton pad.

It leaves my skin really soft and I only have to use a little bit of moisturiser afterwards. I even like using this in the mornings before I put my make up on just to tripe check I have zero amount of make up on.


Johnson’s Baby Gentle Cleansing wipes.

It sounds daft I know but they really work and their one of the best wipes I’ve used to remove my make up especially my eye make up and they’re also the cheapest.

Baby wipes have a small amount of baby oil or lotion on them which helps sooth your skin but it also helps break down make up hence why they are so great at removing make up and especially waterproof make up.

I would suggest using a cleanser afterwards are you want to make sure your skin has no residue left on it but baby wipes are cheap enough to need to use an extra cleanser.


Nivea Visage – Pure and Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

These are pretty new to the market so I’m not sure how available they are everywhere but their really good and they smell amazing too! They remove make up really quickly and easily without scrubbing at they eye.

The wipes have argan oil in them which leaves skin feeling soft and its a great vitamin E source, Aloe Vera which is  great for hydrating the skin so perfect for travelling as well has every day use.


L’Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution.

Everyone says this is a ‘dupe’ for the Bioderma micellar water I can’t tell you that as I’ve never tried it but what I can tell you Is I LOVE this stuff.  I personally only use it on my eyes as I feel I don’t need it on the rest of my face I just use a baby wipe.

I put a little of this on a cotton pad and I mean only a little bit as a little goes a long way even with waterproof make up I then hold the cotton pad over my eye for around 30 seconds them wipe away I do that around three times on the same wipe per eye and all your make up will come off!

It’s pretty cheap as well which makes it great and it lasts a long time too.

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