May Favorites




May is one of my favorite months of the year and the facts it’s been and gone is a scary realization how fast time fly’s past. Anyways as you may know my  birthday was around the beginning of May so I’ve been able to get a lot of new products to try out and I’ve found some great new favorites and some of them are great dupes of some very high end products.


My first favorite this month you may have seen in a previous post and it made it into my favorites because I think that their great!



Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes 

I use these to take off my water proof mascara and they really work I use them before I use my other make up remover for my skin and it takes all of my mascara off and I think they will make it into my all time favorites because their really good and unlike most wipes their cheap.


My next favorite I haven’t been using very long and It’s on the recommendation of ‘MissBudgetBeauty‘ from Youtube following her video ‘Spa Day @ Home’ it also made it into her ‘May Favorites’ as well.



Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray 

I got this because MissBudgetBeauty said that it dried really quickly and I’m very lazy and I detest moisturizing but its just one of them things we have to do to get nice skin.

I just spray this on after I’ve had a shower lightly pat it in to my skin and get dressed its as easy as that and it’s become such a time saver in the mornings. (or afternoon if your lazy like me.)

It’s not for everyone as it is scented but I personally like the smell it smells like orange and vanilla and it gives my skin this really nice glow that looks so healthy which if you can’t tan in the sun because your really pale like me it’s a great!


Of course it wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t have a fragrance and I got this out of the money I had given to me for my birthday. I haven’t had this that long but the scent is so unique I already love it!

029 030

See by Chloe  (I don’t know how to do the asterix thing)

I’ve been wearing this everyday since I’ve had it its really, really nice to me it smells like jasmine, apple and vanilla but I’ve looked online and it says the exact scent to this is: Jasmine (I was right), Ylang, Bergamot, Apple (yay right again), Vanilla (see told you) and musk.  So it’s pretty safe to call this a floral scent but its not musky or sweet it’s hard to describe.

I’ve had a few compliment whilst wearing this so it may become my ‘signature scent’.




Botanics Rose Water Toning spritz

First thing I’ll say about this is I LOVE this smell! and now on to why I like the product….

I use this after cleansing but before moisturizing my face. it leaves my skin feeling silky and since using it the redness in my skin has massively improved which means I use less concealer so saving money in the long run!

Rose Water can be expensive but I honestly don’t know what the difference between them is other than the price this one is only £4.50 so you don’t need to go expensive to get good skin.


022 023


Sinful Colors – Sugar Rush Nail Polish 

As far as I’m aware Sinful Colors is reasonably new here in the UK and is only sold in Boots but I do know it’s been out ages in the USA. I have a few of these nail polishes and their all great most of them only need one coat and for a polish that only costs £1.99 that’s brilliant.

I love this colour (yes back to the British spelling) its so perfect for spring and summer as it pretty much matches everything I wear. The colour is called sugar rush and it’s such a hard colour to get hold of Its been sold out for weeks in the Boots near me.


018 019


Benefit Dandelion Blush 

I have been wanting this blush for a long time but I just couldn’t justify spending £23.50 on it when I already had some really nice blushes but I had the money for my birthday as well as a voucher for boots so I finally got it.

I think this is the perfect shade for pale skin because its really light but build-able and it’s fool proof if your heavy handed like me you can;t put too much on it just looks like a really nice natural flush too my skin and I’m so glad i got it because it really is worth it.


Now on to the high end alternatives I was speaking about earlier and their both concealers and their both from the brand Boots N07.

The first one I think is a cheaper alternative to Benefit’s boiing concealer

026 027

N07 Stay Perfect Blemish cover (extra fair)

It does the exact same thing as the Benefit concealer the only difference is the packaging and the price. Obviously you can see this one is in a stick form and the Benefit one is in a pan form.

Their both very high duty, full coverage concealers for hiding them imperfections we prefer people didn’t see. I don’t suggest use under the eyes as it will crease but for everything else I love it and I save almost £10 by getting this one over the Benefit one!

024 025


No7 Instant radiance Concealer (shade 2)

You guessed it this is a dupe for the Yves Saint Lauren Touche Eclat concealer it’s exactly the same just half the price tag and as someone who owns both really the YSL one really isn’t worth spending £25 on when you can get this one for £12 in Boots.



I hope you enjoyed and feel free to tweet me @AngieBeatDown


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