Eyeliner Excitement

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I don’t know about you but I find eyeliner the trickiest part of putting on my make up so when I have to go buy a new one I have to take into consideration how easy it is to apply.  So here are my top five eyeliners, the reasons I like them and how easy they are to apply. Please bare in mind I like to smudge my eyeliner out so it never looks perfect. I only use eyeliner to make me look awake most of the time.



New York Colour (NYC) Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil -003 Blue Jean

You maybe thinking “that’s blue eyeliner it’s not the 80’s” yes well done that is blue eyeliner and no this is not the 80’s but I like to use it on days I’m feeling really tired, It makes my eye colour pop (I have blue eyes). This is a dark/Royal blue colour so unless your really in my face you can’t tell it’s blue.

The texture of the eyeliner is a creamy like crayon so its easy to blend out if I make a mistake, which is pretty much every single time I use eyeliner. Even when blended out it’s still very pigmented so I don’t need to use a lot, which is amazing because I hate sharpening my eyeliners.

Easiness level 3/5




GOSH The Ultimate Eyeliner – With a Twist -02 Raw Grey

This is my favorite eyeliner for those days where black is just to much and brown just doesn’t look right, or I use this to tight line when I don’t want to go to dramatic.

The great things about this eyeliner are that for a start it’s a twist up so no need for me to sharpen it, it has a smugger on the end so I can keep my hands clean and you can pull the smugger off the end and it had a sharpener if you loose the tip of the liner. I also LOVE the fact this eyeliner is waterproof so it stays wherever I put it all day or night until I’m ready to take it off and when I do remove it I don’t have to scrub at it to get off.

Easiness Level 4/5




Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer – 211 Stable 

ever get them days when you just can’t be bothered with foundation or blush and all that jazz? That’s me pretty much everyday I have to be up early for University or whatever so on them days I just shove on some concealer and some eyeliner and mascara.

This is what I use on this on them days It basically the same as the GOSH eyeliner just it’s brown and has no smugger but it does have a sharpener for when it blunts by that I mean the tip because It a twist up pencil.  It’s not waterproof though which is a shame because I’d use it more often if it was.

Easiness Lever 3/5



Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil – Zero 

This is my all time favorite eyeliner, but unfortunate it’s the most expensive eyeliner out of all my eyeliners it’s £14 which to some isn’t very much but for me it is but It does last a really long time my last pencil of this lasted for a year. They have now been re-released and their even better so I’m hoping it will last just as long or longer than the last.

It like a crayon and really does glide on like silk and it’s water proof, I tent to wear this every single day just because it’s easy and it stays there. It is very pigmented so be careful not to go over bored and from countless days looking like a dressed up panda I know.

This is the easiest to use out of all my eyeliners too so it’s perfect for me as I can’t put eyeliner on neatly at all.

Easiness level 5/5




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