Aerin – Floral illuminating pressed face powder (Limited Edition)


Ever seen something in a store and just instantly want it so you go back almost every day to swatch it? Well I did with this product but I just couldn’t justify buying it it costs a lot of money! It’s £45 and yes I already know that’s a silly amount of money but it’s so beautiful and I had half of the price gifted to me so I only paid £20 of my own money on it. I’m so happy I have this the only problem now is its too beautiful to use….anyway on to my review and pictures!

In case you didn’t know Aerin is a sister company of Estée Lauder and aims to creat effortless beauty. I think it’s aimed at younger skin than Estée Lauder is.

Ohh I almost forgot to say it’s limited edition and I think it’s only sold in John Lewis or it is were I’m from anyways.


The first thing I’m going to say is they packaged it so wonderfully! it came in this bag, which I didn’t have to pay for. (in case you don’t know, you have to pay for bags in Wales) and the product it’s self was wrapped in gold tissue paper.


(Gold paper and the box to product)


after you open the box the product comes in the product is placed in side this dust sleeve which I’m pretty sure is real suede. I like the fact it came with a dust sleeve because I don’t like leaving my more expensive products in my make up bag loose as I’m always afraid they will become damaged and if I’m travelling I can put it in my handbag and not worry about it getting dirty or damaged.


The product comes in this really lovely classy looking compact it reminds me of something out of the 1920’s.


The product it’s self is absolutely stunning! obviously you can see it’s has a pattern of flowers on it and there is some shimmer to it but not too much but you have to expect some as it is an ‘illuminating’. Now the reason I put that in inverted commas is because on normal people it’s a highlighter on me being stupidly pale it’s a blusher. It looks so pretty on the skin and I think anyone of any skin tone could wear this and look absolutely stunning.

The colouring on the product: their are five different colours with in it one being a glittery green shade, which counteracts any redness in your face that shows through any foundation or concealer.


It comes with a super large mirror which is great and the product its self contains 33oz or 9.5g of product which is a lot but for the amount you pay you expect a lot.


When I bought this I also got two free samples of their ‘Rose Lip Conditioner’ and their also amazing! The full sized product of this is £20 and contains 10ml of product. The samples contain 3ml of product so I have 6ml which isn’t far off full so should last me a while but I deffinatly think I’m going to purchase the full size.

Purchase at:

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4 thoughts on “Aerin – Floral illuminating pressed face powder (Limited Edition)

  1. Je suis 17 ans, le footballeur, patineur, non – biaisée entre Android et iOS, car c’est le sujet le plus controversé et j’écris pour mon blog: Mon guerre avec Entropy

  2. Wat ik zou geven aan een debat met u over dit hebt. Je zegt gewoon zo veel dingen die komen uit het niets dat er tamelijk zeker Identiteitskaart Im hebben een eerlijke kans. Uw blog is geweldig visueel, ik bedoel mensen gewoon te vervelen. Maar anderen die kunnen zien langs de video’s en de lay-out zal niet zo onder de indruk, samen met uw algemene kennis van dit onderwerp.

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