Seasonal Sale



Yes it’s that time of the year wear ‘Summer’ decides to roll in and almost every shop has its seasonal sale going on. I bought a few things while I was out today and I got some really great bargains I bought a lot and only spent £18 on everything!


I went to boots because I needed to get some more micellar solution and ended up getting one or two more things….




So I got the L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution and too my pleasant surprise it was on offer for £3.23 instead of £4.99 so that’s great.  I love this stuff it makes you skin feel so clean and refreshed and removes all your make-up. I’ve used around 3 bottles of this now so when it’s on sale I get one, but I did run out this time so I needed it.


I didn’t intend to buy these but I picked up the micellar solution, turned around and saw these ( I needed to buy wipes). The lady working there said they were great to use with micellar solution or with just water.

It says on them to wet them to lather with water so i’ll try them with both normal water and micellar. They were £2.99 on offer from £3.99 so it they work for me better than using a tone of cotton rounds they don’t cost much anyways.


E45 cream I use this on eczema so I needed it anyways as I’m out of my perception cream but I also like to use this on my face it helps with scaring and to get rid of acne. This size tub cost £2.99 and it’s the 129g but I got it for £1.99.



I love sinful colors nail polish their amazing and only cost £1.99. I wanted a colour to wear for summer and also a pale enough colour to do my ‘newspaper nails’ again.  This colour (I’m British this brand is American hence the different spelling.) is called ‘soul mate’ and it’s a pretty coral colour.



Thought I’d try these out they were on offer in Boots for £1.88 instead of £3.25 so why not.



This is a boring thing but it’s a toothbrush holder, like I said in my last post I’m in the middle of moving and I had to pack away my little cup I had my my bathroom that held my toothbrush and paste so I got this to hold it for now. It will also come in handy for when I do move to put my toothbrush in my bag for it to stay clean.  It cost 69p.

So in Boots I spent £12.77 and your thinking “you said you spent £18 on everything well I had points on my boots card so I used some of them and I still have a lot of points left on there to I really didn’t spend anything in Boots.

The next place I went was Debenhams and I visited the Urban Decay counter and I picked up…



Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. I’ve been wanting this since the day it came out and Debenhams are currently having 10% off all fragrance and cosmetics and this cost me £18 instead of £20.



All the colours in there are matte or satin shades which is amazing, I love matte eye shades. I only wear natural make-up and although I do adore my Naked 2 pallet it’s rather shimmery and I’m not a big shimmer fan so this is perfect.



The lighted colours are hard to see on my skin (sorry) but on the eye they look amazing.


Thats the end of my shopping spree. I’ll be doing a few make-up looks with this pallet soon so stay tuned for that and if you like Urban Decay, live in the South Wales area be sure to follow Urban Decay Cardiff on twitter @UDCardiff and don’t forget to follow me too @AngieBeatDown

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