Urban Decay Naked Flushed


Who doesn’t want a palette that’s small enough not to take much room in your handbag and has 3 products in one, and the main thing it doesn’t cost the earth.  This little palette fits in the palm of my hand and has the perfect shades for at home and on the go.

I read a lot about this product and was feeling a little unsettled about the blusher. I’m really pale and many bronzers make me look orange and that my friends look horrendous and everyone.  I tried to get a tester of this for ages but the urban decay counter was out of the tester and completely sold out of the product for months.

The only place I could try this was online and I really wasen’t sure about it until some lovely people sent me one and I’m so grateful they did.


The packaging is a little heavier than the Naked 2 palette but it’s definitely steadier. How do I know? I dropped it a lot of the sake of you and it didn’t smash. (yay for testing)

Though the packaging is heavier than the Naked 2 palette its smaller and ways about the same as an Iphone 4s and it’s smaller than the Iphone 5.

as you may know from other reviews or even the picture above the product comes with a bronzer, highlighter and a blush. The pigmentation of the product is amazing.

The Bronzer

The bronzer is a lot sheerer than the highlighter and blush but for me that’s great as I’m really pale but I don’t know how it works for darker skin tones.  However through testing and making myself look very silly, I found that the bronzer is easily built up.

I use the bronzer to contour with as it’s matte, it is slightly orange but it only comes out orange if you’re heavy handed.  I apply this by using the real techniques contour brush.

The Highlighter 

Highlighters for me always compete against MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish: Soft and Gentle. To my surprise I love the highlighter in this over MAC’s MSF. This one his more of a pink tone too it rather than a bronze so it’s not to much on the skin next to the bronzer.

I apply this using an AVON blush Brush.

The Blush

This blush is a dark rose colour and is very pigmented so be very light handed with it if your very pale like me. It’s been very warm where I live the last couple of days and I’ve noticed it stays noticeable even toward the end of the day. I love the staying power of this blush.

to apply I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

Using mixed In

If you’re anything like me you have days were you can’t be bothered to do a full face of make-up and on warm days especially. Today was one of them days for me, I didn’t want to contour, highlight or apply blush so I mixed the product together and the result is really pretty placed on the apples of the cheeks it gives the illusion that you’ve been naturally touched by the sun.

Overall thoughts 

This is one of the best make-up palettes ever made. It’s quickly become one of my favorite products and the days when I wear make-up I’ve been reaching for this.  Congratulations Urban Decay this has made it into my make-up bag and will be coming with me to Uni and will travel with me back and forth back home.

I give this product a 10/10 it’s definitely worth £20 and it’s going to last a long time and gives a natural finish even on pale skin.



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