Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer

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(image from boots website)

So a few of you have been asking me to find a dupe for the very iconic Chanel product that is;  soleil tan de chanel. Now Chanel is very expensive and yes that includes their make-up. It has taken me a long time but I have found a dupe.

Bronzing primer by Bourjois Paris is practically the same this just this one is a lot cheaper at £10 and smells like chocolate.   soleil tan de chanel costs £31 in most stores so its a massive saving.

I personally think that this one is a bit more pigmented than the one  by Chanel so be very light handed with it unless you’re lucky enough to have a nicer skin tone than I.

I have too use this under my foundation but for me who only uses a light powder in the summer just doesn’t work for me as it looks too orange as I don’t tan naturally and I look very silly in take tan.

Although I do prefer the Chanel product I do think that Bourjois have come up with a great dupe, if it was slightly less orange it would be great for me but ass most people are not a pale as I it will work and look incredible.

You also don’t get as much product as Chanel give you but for £10 you can buy two pots and still save a lot of money, and as it’s so pigmented you wont need a lot anyway.

It only comes in one shade so if your very pale or dark skinned you may need to swatch it before you buy.


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