Summer Look Book – Gigs

I was contacted by a PR for Fragrance Direct recently. They gave me a look book for summer they put together. I thought I’d share the look book with you lovely readers and share some products which may do the job.

The first look is for Gigs.


Products I suggest: 

Eyes – 



When layered 5-6 times it creates a clumpy yet dramatic effect, perfect for this look.



Use this Under the eye, its water proof but it will smudge if you wish it too. For concerts its great because once set it will not move.


Perfect for creating the darkened brow.


Healthy and undone…..I HATE dry shampoo so for this look a texture spray works just as well. I love this one from TRESemme.



A lip balm will work great on it’s own for this look but I love the AERIN lip conditioner. it keeps your lips in tip top contidion adds a little tint but doesn’t look to done up.



Some of these products may not be available on the fragrance direct website!



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