Wedding/Garden Party Summer Look Book





Look book by Fragrance Direct, products suggested by me.

In the last post I did on the look book I was told people couldn’t see the pictures, I’m having trouble with the embedding so I’ll type out which each segment says.

They don’t have suggestion on skin eaither so I’ll suggest one but just a disclaimer,All skin is different so what works for me may not work for you or may not be available in the right shades for you.



They suggest a well powdered matte face. I like Clarins Ever -matte foundation as it lasts all day and needs very little powder.


They say:


Get a feline-esque with liquid eyeliner flicked out, but with a pop of colour from a pastel eye shadow colour underneath.

Be inspired by 60’s glamour with a doe eyed smokey eyes winged out at the side.



iphone 1 020 iphone 1 021


MUA: Make up academy, extreme felt eyeliner.

Great for making a cat eye and it ultra black and lasts all day.

Smokey eye: 

iphone 1 008 iphone 1 009


L’OREAL Paris E3 Nude Lingerie

Perfect for a natural, classy smokey eye and their long lasting.


iphone 1 012


L’OREAL False Lash Flutter

This is great for that feline effect for the eye creating a false lash look without looking over dramatic.



They say: Think Punchy Pink for the look of the season. Whichever texture you fancy, make sure it’s an extreme with Velvety Matte Lipstick or Lacquer like gloss.



Collection cream puff – cotton candy. Perfect pink matte lip.


Its all about volume at the root. Use a shampoo that aids volume, conditioner and moose, top off with hair spray. I’m not going to suggest brands as different hair needs different products.



a light blush to the cheeks.

018 019


Benefit-Dandelion is perfect for a natural flush


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