Collection – Work the Colour Eye-shadow Pencil




I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know how AMAZING! these eye-shadow pencils are!

Collection have been coming out with some really great products lately, but the ‘Work the colour’ eye-shadow pencils.

The shade I have is called ‘Vanilla Sky’ and its a lovely champagne colour which is great as a base colour or just on its own if your in a rush. It’s so easy to apply and it blends like a dream.

It is a little shimmery so it you don’t like that then maybe it’s not for you

What I really love about this product is that its waterproof! You put it on and it’s there to stay, so what I would say is make sure you have a waterproof make-up remover because once it’s on it’s on. It doesn’t crease at all ❤

This product is available in six colours I’ll leave a link down below to the website.  I got mine for £2.50 in boots but I think that for a limited time but their very cheap anyways at only £3.19.

I really love this product and I will be going to get more really soon.

Don’t forget you can tweet me @AngieBeatDown or leave me a comment on here.

link to web:

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