Baby Lips Have Landed in the UK!!


You folks in the USA already have theses but us across the pond have waited a long time to get these in the UK.  I got really excited when I saw these in Boots.  The USA seems have more of a variety of them but we have six, three of them are tinted with colour as well as just flavored and three of them are colorless and flavored.

I have the three tinted ones; Pink Punch, Peach Kiss and Cherry Me.  They are balms so they don’t give of too much colour but they give a lot of moisture to the lip and great if you want to experiment with colour.


Cherry Me is as the name suggests is red but as its a balm is sheer so its great if your a little afraid of red lipstick.


Pink Punch  is a bright pink its the only one that gives quite a lot of colour when on my lips. I don’t like this colour as much as the rest but its great on the days I’m going out and don’t want to loose a lipstick as theses can be easily replaced cheaply.


Peach Kiss A nude colour but on my lips just adds a ‘your lips but better’ tint to them. This one is my favorite out of the three I own.

These are great I can see what the fuss is about state side and why so many other people here got so excited when they landed. They are great for when your in hurry, Just one step to buff up your lips.

Someone asked me would I recommend the Baby Lips over the Revlon Lip Butters, the answer no I prefer the Lip Butters as they have variety in colours Although saying that I much prefer the formulation of the Baby Lips they just need to bring out more colours as their a lot cheaper than the lip butters at £2.99 each.


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