Lancôme DreamTone Review


I’ve been reluctant to review this product as it is no way budget friendly at £69, but it’s an amazing  product and couldn’t not tell you.

Lancome DreamTone ultimate dark spot corrector. Beautiful skin tone creator. I use number one as I have a fair skin tone.

It claims that after using this for a short while your skin will look flawless without the use of make-up as it fades dark spots and pigmentation and helps fade the appearance of some scars.

On their website (linked below) it says that the ‘triple’ action technology is so powerful that two out of three women would ‘Dare to Bare’

What does it do?

Well the name is a dead give away but here is what it does in more detail:

Dark spots, uneven skin tone, colour irregularities, blemish marks, dull skin

Corrects dark spots, uneven skin tone, visibly corrects colour irregularities (e.g. dullness & blemish marks) and brightens complexion

Application advice
Choose the right pigmentation profile for you:
Pigmentation profile 1 – Fair skin tone (skin that has the tendency to feel sensitive under sun exposure)
Pigmentation profile 2 – Medium skin tone (skin that tans relatively easily under sun exposure)
Pigmentation profile 3 – Dark skin tone (skin that tans deeply under sun exposure)

To correct the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone, apply to clean skin day and night. To be applied over entire face or used as a dark spot treatment.

I’ve been using this product for two weeks now (I had a sample before I bought the full size) and I can honestly say it’s 100% worth the stupid amount of money they ask for it.

It feels like pure silk on the skin it really is beautiful. I Have noticed even though I haven’t ‘dared to bare’ yet I have noticed I’ve needed to use less foundation a lot less concealer as the red tones in my skin have practically disappeared, along with some of the freckles I have on my cheeks.


at £69 it’s not in most peoples price range but I have scares on my face I want to fade and I really want to ware less make-up. I have noticed some of my acne scares have gone completely and other scares have began to fade.

When I went to buy this the woman at the counter said it can take up to eight weeks to see results but I’m seeing them after just two.

I would recommend that you go to a Lancôme counter and request a sample I can promise it will change your make-up loving life. 

I haven’t noticed that any of my moisturizers or foundations are effected by this only that I need to use less.

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