September Favorites



September is always an odd month. It always seems to just fly by and then suddenly the year is almost over! But I’ve been really enjoying a few products through this month dispirit being super busy, with moving and going back to University.




Lancome DreamTone 

I adore this product! I’ve been using it for around 3 weeks now and it’s amazing. I did a full post all about this product, so go check it out.


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Benefit Rockateur 

This product couldn’t have come into my life any sooner. I’m very pale but around this time of year I get even paler to the point where bronzer is just hopeless.

Rockateur adds just the right amount of flush to my face to make me look alive.

As for colour it’s a shimmery (non glittery) rose gold which looks lovely on most skin tones.




Maybelline Brow Drama 

I don’t know about you but I hate filling in my brows its just too much effort in the mornings for my liking. Discovering this little gem has been a great time saver in the mornings.

It tints my eyebrows and holds them in place all day, with very minimal effort. The only downside to it is the brush I don’t like it so much but I can live with that for the product.






I did a blog post on this too, it leave your skin looking healthy and natural whilst allowing your make-up to stay put all day.


Any questions? tweet me or leave me a comment below



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