Urban Decay Shattered Face Case First Impressions.

001 002


This product has been long awaited. I’ve known about it for a couple of months now and today (1st of October 2013) it arrived in UK stores.

The ‘Shattered Face Case’ is part of their new Christmas range and it contains a lot for the money they ask. RRP £30

It has: 

Five eyeshadows, two blush powders, one highlight, a full size ‘Super saturated High gloss lip pencil and a travel size 24/7 gluid-on eye pencil.



The packaging is great it obviously looks like a shattered mirror but it reminds me of a star. It opens in to, two compartments one at the top and one at the bottom.

The top compartment contains the five eyeshadows, eyeliner and the lip pencil. (lip pencil falls into the bottom section too)


The eyeshadows are called: (from left) Shakedown, Remix, Nameless, Minor Sin, and Bleach. The eyeliner is a guild on eye pencil from the 24/7 range called zero.

The eyeshadows are ultra pigmented and feel really silky on the skin feels very luxury and like all Urban Decay eyeshadows they last all day. The eyeliner is amazing I own the full size anyway so I already know its amazing and can’r recommend it enough. Its water proof and smudge resistant and last all day.



(swatch of lip pencil and eyeshadows, the last one is the same shade as my skin sorry!)



The second section has the two blushes and the highlighter and like the first section the lip pencil.



The blushes are called: (from left) Overexposed and Temper. The highlighter is called: Glint



Overexposed is my favorite!

The blush again feels really smooth and silky on the skin and I like the highlighter a lot more than the one in the ‘Naked Flushed’ palette because its less shimmery and more glow-like.

The lip pencil (swatches further up) is called: Lovechild.

This is the perfect thing for traveling saves taking all individual items and I feel it would make a perfect gift for someone who hasn’t tried Urban Decay before or someone who loves traveling (or just spoil yourself).

Got any quires or want more infomation on this then feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below.




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