Urban Decay Vice 2 Review



If you’ve been visiting my blog a while, then you will know I love urban decay. Now their holiday collection has launched and with it their new formula eyeshadows and I can now say I love them so much more now.

I’ve already reviewed the ‘Shattered Face Case’ from the collection and now on the ‘Vice 2’.  Before I start I’d just like to say I’m still trying to get the ‘Anarchy Face Case’ I can’t find it anywhere right now so hold on.

Right now onto the ‘Vice 2’. 



I love this palette so much more than the original ‘Vice’ palette. For start the formula of the shadows in this one is so much better the colours are way more pigmented, and you need to use less but there really is no need to use a primer with these it’s just perfect.

Another thing I love is the packaging it’s like a purple tortoise shell design with a push button which ‘Seductively relieve’ the shadows. It comes with a huge mirror and the brush it comes with is so much better than the brushes that come with that of the ‘Naked’ ‘Naked 2’ or the original ‘Vice’ palette. The brush is so much softer and does not feel like rubber sandpaper across your eye while you apply your make-up unlike its predecessors.

Although the colours in this palette look dull compared to the original but looks can be deceiving! (and my lighting really doesn’t help.)

The eye shadow names and descriptions: (top row, from left)

Smokeout: A brownish black colour perfect for a smokey eye.

Lovesick: A glittery blackest, black shadow for a dramatic look.

Shellshock: a pure silver it’s super pigmented and looks like silver leaf when on. (metallic)

Coax: A metallic glittery pink.

X-rated: a matte baby pink shadow.

(second row, from left)

Prank: A midnight blue but don’t be deceived it has greenish teal sparkles in it.

Madness: A metallic blue.

Strike: A pure gold shade ultra metallic!

Stash: An olive green shade with a khaki frost too it with gold glitter.

Poison: A dark brown/black shade with teal glitter running though.

(Third row, from left)

Radar: A dark glittery brown with orange under tones.

Damaged:  frosted, shimmery emerald green.

Voodoo: A dark metallic purple with silver micro glitter.

Betrayal: A bright purple with a teal shimmer twist.

Derailed: Medium metallic taupey-brown shimmer. Great for a twist up on a natural eye.

(forth row, from left)

Dope: A beautiful champagne colour with warm undertones and a little shimmer.

Toxic: A metallic coppery pink.

Habit: A matte nude shade.

Ambush: A shimmery bronze shade with red coppery under tones.

Rewind: Matte medium brown.



I’ve used this palette a lot over the past couple of weeks and I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift but the price is £42 which isn’t cheap but if you own this you wont need any other palette ever it has everything you’ll ever need.

The only downside to this palette is the size its big and although its slim it’s not very good for travelling and I find it difficult to store away.

But if you have a bit of space in your make-up set up then it’s something I would recommend to everyone.

Any questions? Then leave me a comment or find me on Twitter



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