October Favourites


As you may or may not be aware this post was supposed to be my review or ELF products and the store opening in Cardiff. However due to technical difficulties I’m unable to do the post I planned at this time.

So here are my favorite products from the month of October! Forgive my lack of blogging for the last two weeks I’ve been extremely busy.


LOOK Beauty – Long-last Liner – Disco Glitter 

If you’re unfamiliar with LOOK Beauty their a make up brand formed from Look magazine sold at super-drug.

I picked this up on a whim as it was three for two on all cosmetics in super-drug and I needed eyeliner.  As it says on the packaging it’s long lasting and unless you want to smudge it with the smudge stick  on the end of the pencil when you apply it, it’s smudge proof.

Its great for this time of year as it’s very wet and extremely windy and just cold.

The shade I have is glittery (it wouldn’t show on camera) but it’s very glittery so take my word.


Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure – 370 Commander and Chic

This shade was on my nails all through October and is still on my nails now! I love the colour it’s classic and matches so many of my clothes. This is my first nail paint by this brand and I will be getting more shorty.

I love the formula and the brush makes painting my nails easy, where I usually find it a chore.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr – Metallic Pomegranate

This is a colour I’d never think of buying red just seems like such a NO colour for me. But I picked it up by mistake and I LOVE IT!

it’s easy for them lazy days it can be applied, sheered out and blended with your fingers. Paired with a gel or cream eyeliner you look done up without all the fuss!

054 053

Bourjois Shine Edition -shade 24 Rose xoxo 

When I picked this up I just liked the colour and I can now say if you want and cheaper alternatives to MAC’s Sheen Supreme lipsticks here they are!

it feels like a lipstick on but looks like a gloss.


MUA LUXE Powerbrow shape and highlight

I usually use a powder to fill my brows in with but since finding this it’s a thing of the past.  it glides well and blends beautifully and the highlighter is perfect!

it feels more ‘luxe’ than its price tag suggests!

058 059

ELF Cream Eyeliner 

I’ve never been one for gel eyeliners so when I got given this by a friend I thought I wouldn’t like it either. But I was shocked it guild on a lot smoother than gel liner does and stays put all day.


Bourjois Je T’Aime – Rose Amber

I’ll be 100% honest in saying the packaging won me over with this. It wasn’t until I put it on did I realise it was a perfect against my skin tone.

It gives a nice natural flush of colour to the cheeks and you need to use so little.

Any questions or want to contact me? leave a comment or find me on twitter @AngieBeatDown

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