festive favourites




I adore this time of year! walking around at night with the city’s Christmas lights above, the German style markets are here, everything has a cinnamon taste to it and all the limited edition items come make an appearance.

Here are some of my favorite things around this time of year….


Snow Fairy!



This is my favorite body wash this time of year and if I don’t have it I just don’t get that Christmas feeling.  I know the scent isn’t a very festive scent its quite the opposite really it’s a very sweet scent, (pear drops and candy floss) But it only comes out around Christmas so for that reason its a favorite.

And yes I’m very well stocked of Snow fairy! should last me a while.


Black-Forest Hot Chocolate

download (1)


To me this is Christmas in a cup! I’m not a big coffee drinker so the Christmas time coffee’s that come out really don’t appeal to me. But Costa hit the the nail on the head with this hot chocolate.


Fluffy PJ’s & Socks



It dosen’t matter what time of the year it is, I’m always cold at night but when it get’s close to Christmas I can wear fluffy PJ’s and socks without looking like a complete loony bin!

My current favorite is a fluffy nightgown with a hood which looks like an owl from Primark!


Red Check



I know you can wear it any time of the year but to me it’s a Christmas type outfit. I don’t like Christmas Jumpers because I don’t like wool so this is as festive as my outfits get!


Glitter Nail Polish! 

download (2)


I’m someone who usually hates anything that has glitter in it but around this time of year my nails always have a glittery nail polish on!



MAC Craving lipstick


Red lipstick really doesn’t look good on me so this is what I wear through the festive party season. It’s a plum like colour with red undertones to it.




This changes for me all the time because I get new perfume as gifts around this time of year, I usually opt for darker fragrances around now but my current favorite is Florabotonica. I received this recently as an early Christmas gift and I haven’t stopped wearing it. Its a dark floral scent that would work for any time of year really but I’m using as my current festive scent.




MAC Pink Freeze – Has in it Pink freeze, Bruised Plum, Deception and Magic Moor




Those are my picks what yours?

Let me know in a comment of via Twitter @AngieBeatDown

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