Lets Talk-Thigh Gaps and Bikini Bridges


I’ve been seeing a lot on twitter and other social media forums that women and young teens want to get a ‘thigh gap’ or are losing weight to get ‘the perfect bikini bridge for summer’.  It needs to stop!

Lets first address the ‘thigh gap‘ I hate even saying the term to be honest, call me old fashioned but why girls would want to look like a boy from a post-war movie is beyond me. I personally blame social media for this god awful ‘trend’. 

The body image for woman is changing all the time and I just can’t see why we can’t all just aim to be healthy! trying to achieve these unrealistic changes to our bodies is alarmingly unhealthy and it can lead to a whole load of health implications.  It’s not just effecting women either its effecting young girls as young as 12!  Going into your teenage years is hard enough without having to worry if you have a bloody ‘thigh gap’ !!!

Anyone who spends time on the internet will at some point feel bad about their bodies, I know I’ve been there! constantly seeing ‘selfies’ of women in front of a full length mirror showing off her ‘thigh gap’ like it’s something everyone should have, or worse gain the pictures of women laying on their backs in a bikini to show off a ‘bikini bridge’.  It’s really not difficult to see where these ‘trends‘ start.

Cosmopolitan magazine (online) recently posted a article about an actress who wears a UK size 8 being called fat?! Are these really the standards we’re living by?

The media is giving us more body issues we never had to begin with so umm thanks for that! (NOT)

If you type  ‘thigh gap‘  into tumbler you do get directed to a page for their eating disorder counselling page which is good I guess but you only have to click dismiss to view the images of this sickly trend.

Oh! did I mention that there are twitter and tumbler pages dedicated to these ‘trends’? well there are and there asking people to send in there pictures of their ‘thigh gaps’ and ‘bikini bridges’. Why?!?

I understand that some women or naturally skinny and some of us are curvy but just aim to be healthy. Embrace what you already have please stop trying to achieve looks that just aren’t physically possible for you in a healthy way. #stopthighgap #BikiniBridge

What are your thoughts on this? leave me a comment or tweet me @AngieBeatDown

2 thoughts on “Lets Talk-Thigh Gaps and Bikini Bridges

  1. Great read. As a young woman I have been guilty with wanting thigh gap as it’s the latest ‘hot’ trend – thankyou social media (sarcasm!) . Thanks to genetics and weight training I have a ‘box gap’ (almost certain its the same thing) which is fine as I deem myself to be healthy, but its for those who don’t understand why they dont have one and following the ridiculous 3 point plans to get one that need saving. #stopunhealthypromotionofthighgap

    • Some people can achieve the gap in a healthy manor but for most people it’s not possible and its dangerous.
      I just walk and go to the gym with a healthy diet. hate how the media almost forces a way we should be upon us.

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