festive favourites




I adore this time of year! walking around at night with the city’s Christmas lights above, the German style markets are here, everything has a cinnamon taste to it and all the limited edition items come make an appearance.

Here are some of my favorite things around this time of year….

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May Favorites




May is one of my favorite months of the year and the facts it’s been and gone is a scary realization how fast time fly’s past. Anyways as you may know my  birthday was around the beginning of May so I’ve been able to get a lot of new products to try out and I’ve found some great new favorites and some of them are great dupes of some very high end products.

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My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

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Spring is in the air! my favorite time of year everything is so fresh and just lovely and of course its the time of year where I (dis) gracefully turn another year older, but what that also means is I get new perfume! YAY! It also means I can switch my perfume up a little bit and swap and change my scents.  Continue reading

NEXT LOVE Eau De Parfum

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One of my closest friends showed me this and I really, really love it! I wasn’t even aware that Next made perfume!

This is the perfect perfume for spring if your not looking to spend to much but still smell rather classy!

The scent reminds me of all the forest (woodland) flowers coming out to bloom in the spring. It’s a really fresh feminine scent which a light spice too it.

One the back of the box it says that it has a top note of Pink pepper, with a heart of lily of the valley ( my favorite flower) and a base of patchouli musk.

The bottle reminds me of something by Chanel and it smells a little bit like Chanel Allure just a little bit lighter in fragrance.

it’s £8 for a 50ml bottle and its EDP so it’s worth a try, so next time your passing a NEXT store pop in and have a sniff!

It dosen’t irritate my skin either which is a bonus.





If you know me or start to get to know me you will begin to learn I’m something of a fragrance manic.  I collect perfume and have a large quantity of perfume, so if somebody asks me about a perfume the chances are I have either tested it at some point, own it or I want it. so weather you like floral, sweet, or something unique to you, I’ll try to give you my best opinion on it. Perfume smells different to everyone and smells differently on on different people. I will post links on where to find each perfume I look at for the best price, and my thoughts on the product itself.