Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation

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Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation is quickly becoming my favorite foundation! Although that sounds great this product isn’t cheap so I’m afraid to like it to much even though I’ve already fallen in love with it!

They actually make a shade that perfectly matches my skin and they have one shade lighter than my shade again  ( I wear Tender Rose) so it’s perfect if your ultra pale like me and I do believe they go pretty dark as well so it’s just an all round perfect product.

It gives light to medium coverage without looking cakey and you can go up to full coverage with it as it’s easily built up but I don’t do that because that’s what I use concealer for.

I love that It doesn’t take more than two are three minutes to apply and I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply it with and you honestly don’t need a lot of the powder to do a nice even coverage all over your face.

It feels really light on your skin and feels like your not wearing anything at all which is great for the warmer weather but I feel like I’ll wearing this all year around. I don’t feel the need to set this foundation as it is a powder and I lasts all day.

Laura Mercier’s goal is to create flawless looking skin and I feel it does that. It has an SPF of 15 in it and no it dose not look shiny in pictures.

It does cost £31 which for me is a lot of money on foundation but It was my Birthday recently and I treated my self. I do feel it’s worth and the lady at the counter told me it lasts for a around five months and if it dose last that long I’ll  be repurchasing it.

So far I’m very impressed with this product and I would recommend it to almost everyone. I would suggest a moisturiser if you have  dry skin and a primer but I use them anyways and really no matter what your skin type you should be using them anyway too.

I got my foundation at John Lewis but you can get it in many other places see below.

I hope this post was helpful and question please feel free to comment or tweet me!


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