YSL Baby doll Mascara



(image from YSL website)


I was sent this a few days ago for review and even though I’ve only worn this a few times I feel I can review it.

Many of you may know from previous posts that I love Max factor and L’Oreal mascaras, Max factor for waterproof and L’Oreal for normal mascara.

I think this retails for around the £25 mark but I know for a fact many department stores are selling it for £20. I have the black shade called ‘Fetish Black’ (got to love the name right?)

When I got sent this I got really excited I’ve never owned anything from YSL before and they packaging looks really fancy but when I first put it on it was a little disappointing.  Instead of saying all I don’t like about it I’m going to say what I like and dislike about it and then move on to tell you a list, yes a list of better and more affordable mascaras that do the same thing.


What I like:

– The wand gets all of your lases even the little baby lashes you get in the inner corners.

– You can do your bottom lashes with out getting mascara everywhere.

– The wand doesn’t get overloaded.


What I don’t like:

– The price. £20-£25 for something you have to throw away after three months is silly money.

– The volume….It doesn’t really give any just makes your lashes black

– It clumps a bit, Some people like clumps but I hate them.


I recommend this mascara if you already have long lashes as it gives your lashes a defined look but just doesn’t give much volume if your lashes are short like mine.


Maraca’s that do the same if not better:


– Collection (2000) skyscraper mascara

– 17 doll’d up mascara

– L’Oreal telescopic mascara

– Maybelline the falsies


all the above mascara’s above cost under £12 and I think their worth more than the YSL one. The only nice thing about the YSL one is the name and the fancy packaging so it’s safe to say I will not buy it again and for that my bank account will be grateful. I really don’t know why this product was to ‘hyped’ up.