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This review has been a while coming and I have dropped a few hints on it, but finally here it is!

Recently the very generous people from the company Sparkle PR sent me a few products to try out from the GOSH cosmetics. Now that I have had a chance to try them out here are my thoughts.

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My Holy Grail Products! Hair and Beauty

We all have Products we’d repurchase again and again. Well after load of questions from you guys here’s mine.

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Skin Care

Skin care is something most of us take pride in. Feeling good without any make-up on is something very few of us can get away with, but with a good skin care routine I feel it is something we can all achieve.  In this category I will be sharing with you; reviews of different skin care products for your face and body, hints and tips to maintaining healthy looking skin, how to deal with spots effectively and how the right skin care can help your make up stay on longer.

I  will be trying every brand and every hint and tip given in this segment personally to see if it really is effective and if it’s really worth your time and money.