People Don’t Know What They’re Doing!!!!!


Okay so this maybe a little bit of a rant, The logo’s above are just two of the five or six places I went but their the only logo’s I could be bothered to find and I don’t know about you but I don’t like reading without pictures because I’m a child at heart.

The first place I went was to the MAC counter now I went there on three different days so I saw more that one of the people working at the counter. I asked for some help picking out a few things, concealer being one of the things I needed help with on the the first visit there. I got told they didn’t know what to recommend because I’m so pale!! MAC are famous for having shades to match every skin tone as they go from white to very very dark.  Too me the sales person I seen just didn’t know how to do her job! your supposed to be a make-up ‘artist’ but she needed to go back to ‘beauty school’.

The second time I went back the woman who served me at the counter was much more helpful and told me what shade I needed to get but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock and told me to try the MAC counter in Debenhams, so that’s where I went but that’s were I ran in to problems with the staff.  I got my concealer but only after waiting almost 20 minutes to get served! No they weren’t busy just their conversation meant more to them than a customer.

The third and final time I went I picked up two mac lipsticks.

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I knew I wanted to buy ‘Snob’ so that was easy enough, but I also wanted to buy a more natural looking lipstick, I told the lady at the counter who was nice enough what I wanted and said I didn’t want anything bright…..She pulled out Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick!! That is everything I didn’t want!
either she wasn’t listening to me which as her job she needs to do or she really wanted to wind me up.

Okay so that’s the end of my rant, I love MAC cosmetics and I wont stop using them it’s not the products that I have problems with it’s their clearing under trained staff. I’m sure not all staff are like that but in both the MAC store and a MAC counter I went too the staff were just awful for various reasons.

Do you have any bad customer servise experiences I’d love to hear about them to make me feel better about ‘the world being out to make my life hard’ (joke) Tweet me @AngieBeatDown

See you next time xx

Beauty Bargains!!!


Hi Guys!!! Sorry this has taken me so long to post! I had to wait for deliveries and then I had work to do, But finally it here. Student loans are in but this time they have to last until September!! So everything this term is being budgeted! So here are a few things I picked up for A LOT less money then what you would pay for them on the high street or If I got them on the high street they were on an offer. Okay Because I’m rubbish at maths I’m not going to work out how much I saved but instead I’ll put in what the retail price of each product is and how much I paid for them. Lets get started…

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