Studio Lash Incredi Ball Mascara Review




I often neglect the Miss Sporty Stand in Boots or Superdrug as they look a little childish and I used that brand when I was about 14. They seem to have had a re-brand and that’s what caught my eye.

When I fist saw this mascara It was the wand on this display that interested me. It looked like the ‘They’re Real’ mascara from Benefit, I thought that if this could do even a little bit of what the Benefit mascara could do it be worth it as its only £1.99!

I started applying this to curled lashes and applied as normal, using the ball I did the inner parts of my eyes and lower lashes.

The results are the same as Benefit! you need to use 2-3 coats but for £1.99 it’s fine. Though you do not get the same results if you don’t curl your lashes.


YSL Baby doll Mascara



(image from YSL website)


I was sent this a few days ago for review and even though I’ve only worn this a few times I feel I can review it.

Many of you may know from previous posts that I love Max factor and L’Oreal mascaras, Max factor for waterproof and L’Oreal for normal mascara.

I think this retails for around the £25 mark but I know for a fact many department stores are selling it for £20. I have the black shade called ‘Fetish Black’ (got to love the name right?)

When I got sent this I got really excited I’ve never owned anything from YSL before and they packaging looks really fancy but when I first put it on it was a little disappointing.  Instead of saying all I don’t like about it I’m going to say what I like and dislike about it and then move on to tell you a list, yes a list of better and more affordable mascaras that do the same thing.


What I like:

– The wand gets all of your lases even the little baby lashes you get in the inner corners.

– You can do your bottom lashes with out getting mascara everywhere.

– The wand doesn’t get overloaded.


What I don’t like:

– The price. £20-£25 for something you have to throw away after three months is silly money.

– The volume….It doesn’t really give any just makes your lashes black

– It clumps a bit, Some people like clumps but I hate them.


I recommend this mascara if you already have long lashes as it gives your lashes a defined look but just doesn’t give much volume if your lashes are short like mine.


Maraca’s that do the same if not better:


– Collection (2000) skyscraper mascara

– 17 doll’d up mascara

– L’Oreal telescopic mascara

– Maybelline the falsies


all the above mascara’s above cost under £12 and I think their worth more than the YSL one. The only nice thing about the YSL one is the name and the fancy packaging so it’s safe to say I will not buy it again and for that my bank account will be grateful. I really don’t know why this product was to ‘hyped’ up.


My Make-Up Bag



A few days ago I was asked by a few people on twitter what I keep in my make-up bag. I’m currently in the process of moving back home for the summer holidays for university so a lot of my make-up as already been taken back, so my current make-up bag is fuller than it usually is as it’s for everyday while I’m still in halls. I don’t usually carry this much but for the time being I am.

I’m going to insert pictures of the products, what their called, a brief description and if I can find the price I’ll insert that too.

(my make-up bag came with my Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler it came in a gift set for Christmas)

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L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara Review




L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara has now become my favorite above Volume million mascara which is saying a lot.

The formula is great and really easy to work with and It gives you volume and length with only one application, two applications will make you look as if you have false lashes on. While I was In boots today picking up a new tube of this bad boy two women come up to me and asked which brand of fake lashes I used, too which I polity smiled and showed them my mascara and assured them that my lashes were real.

The want takes a little getting used too as it has a flat side which lengthens and curved side which gives amazing volume and definition.

When applied your lashes appear false! which is great for me as I can’t for the life of me apply fake lashes.

It costs £10.99 from Boots or Superdrug and  I’m sure you can get it online also.

Hope you enjoyed this little review





(photo taken from a youtube still as my phone lead has gone missing)

Products I Regret Buying.




We all have products that just don’t work for us, but look fabulous on other people. Well here are some products I really wanted to work for me but just didn’t. If they worked for you well good on you, but this is my opinion on products that really suck when used on me.

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Make Up Academy (MUA) Product Review.

iphone 1 045

Lately I have been hearing some good things about MUA products and thought I would give some a try. I had used one or two products before but I have never done a review. Some of the products are really great quality and are worth for more than the price they retail for. MUA can only be purchased at Superdrug stores or online.  All links will be at the end of this post.

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My Holy Grail Products! Hair and Beauty

We all have Products we’d repurchase again and again. Well after load of questions from you guys here’s mine.

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