Blush, Bronzer and Highlight Collection




I’ve been asked by a few people what blushes I own. Too be honest I don’t own that many so I thought I’d so a post!

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Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer

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(image from boots website)

So a few of you have been asking me to find a dupe for the very iconic Chanel product that is;  soleil tan de chanel. Now Chanel is very expensive and yes that includes their make-up. It has taken me a long time but I have found a dupe.

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Bronzer Mayhem



Summer time means tanned skin, that is unless your like me and remain unfortunately pale. I have to use bronzer all year around just to look alive. I’ve been using the four (well three ones a skin finish) bronzers pictured above for a while now and I’m going to give my thoughts and how well they last and how they blend.

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