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I created this blog so I could share with you my personal opinions of beauty products. I will review them and share my thoughts on them so you don’t have to spend money on something you may not like. Everything in this blog is a personal opinion so if you like a product that might not get a good review, then please leave me a comment telling me why, as what doesn’t work for me might work for you, we’re all different.

A question i’m frequently asked is ‘Why did I get into make-up?’ Well theirs a couple of reasons really but the main ones are….

I was born with a disability which effects my balance, joints and eyesight, Which also means I fall over a lot and as a result over the years I have gained quite a few scars many of which are on my face.

So in answer to your questions I got into make up because I felt really uncomfortable about the scaring on my face and felt like the whole world could see them! (I know paranoid right?)

I used to wear loads of make-up when I was at school to cover them but that gave me bad skin which made me even more uncomfortable. (sucks)

Now that I’m older I realise the whole world can’t see the scars on my face and even if they could what are they going to do? But I have learnt a great deal about make up and how to cover up my scaring without over doing it.


Another question I’m asked a lot is ‘Does you eyesight effect they way you apply make up?’

No! why? because I don’t know any other way of doing it. They only products I find difficult to use is eyeliner and fake lashes as I can only see in one eye.

I sometimes have to double check to see if my make up is even but that because I’m lazy not because I can’t see haha 🙂


Angie x

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