Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte Review


Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte is a natural finishing pressed powder.

Again I wouldn’t spend the amount of money asked for this product as for what it is there are many ‘drug store’ alternatives. It costs £33 to buy which is silly expensive in this case I do believe your paying for the name.

Fear not I didn’t pay £33 for this I had Boots points I’ve been saving up for a while so I payed nothing for this.

Although It’s expensive and I can’t justify ever spending that much on a finish powder It  is very good.  It keeps your make-up in place all day.

On the days I wear minimal make up which is ever increasing since using the Lancome DreamTone I like to using Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in my ‘T-Zone’ area and chin to absorb oil if any as I no longer use concealer.

It feels like pure silk on the skin I have dry skin so to find a powder that goes on smooth without clinging to any dry patches is rare,


I can’t really say this product is worth £33 but If you want to give someone a luxury gift or you have gift cards or points saved and want something ‘high end’ then I would recommend getting this because it is good.

The shade selection is very good it comes in a few different translucent colours and goes pretty dark too.


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