When Make-Up Goes Bad!!!







Cleaning your room or cleaning out your desk maybe a normal thing to do, but how about cleaning out your make-up? Not many people know that make-up does in fact go off. In this post I’ll be giving you the basic rule to when to start thinking about throwing out your make-up.

Lots of make-up artists give different advise and I’ve been told a lot of different things  by a lot of different people so I decided to put the degree i’m paying for to good use and do my own research.

Some make-up can be expensive so when we do spend the extra bit of cash on particular product we want to get the most use out of it we can.  Sometimes make-up companies only release items as limited edition and we want to keep it, but unfortunately make-up does have an expiry time.

Most make-up companies don’t print an expiry date on their products and nor do they have too so I’m here to help tell when to bin it.


Right lets get started….

-From what I gather from around six weeks of research for this post; Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner should not be used after three months of opening. After three months these products will start to grow bacteria and you don’t want to put that near your eyes.

-Liquid and cream, foundation and Concealer should only be kept for up a year. Many people I spoke to suggested discarding after six months but many other websites and people said up to a year is fine.

-Powder Foundation can last up to two years if you keep it dry.

-I read on many places that most things powdered (eye shadow, Blush) can be for two or three years but that all depends on how often you clean your brushes and on that note many people have suggested cleaning your make-up brushes two to three times a week.

Lipstick and Gloss only keep up too a year if you use it straight from a tube but if you apply from a clean brush every time it can last around 2 years.

Pencils items such as eyeliner and lip pencils can last up to a year, but this all depends on the brand. TIP: when it stats going hard and crumbly ditch it.


And here are some tips to make items last longer:

– don’t pump mascara to get more, just dip it in.

– sharpen you pencil products at least once a week.

– don’t touch your make-up with your hands if you can help it. (or use an antibacterial before you do)

– keep your make-up out of sunlight.


Disorganized, excessive, expired makeup is bad for your skin and could be bad for your health so throw out old make up.


Things You May Not Know….

I have a love, hate relationship with make-up. I love having it, playing around with different looks and feeling proud when I think something looks amazing.

But then I get them days were my blusher just make me look embarrassed and my eyeliner just wont go the way you want it too, and don’t get me started on bronzer making me look like a cheese puff. Those are the days where I’m on the verge of picking up my make up and throwing it out the window.

I get bad make-up days whenever I need to be somewhere or people see me. If I’m on my own my make-ups great (sigh). So here are some tips I’ve taken on board and thought I’d share with you.


1. After putting on your foundation, powder, bronzer, blusher and whatever else we put on our skin, take a make-up sponge and lightly dab it over your skin. It stops you from looking ‘cakey’ and more ‘Put together’.


2.  If you feel confident enough or just feel like giving it ago don’t wear foundation! Only wear eye make-up and concealer, trust me your skin will thank you, look nicer in time, and feel 100% softer.


3.  Have a good skin care routine! taking care of you skin will make you look better anyways. Make-up can’t do it all so looking after the skin under the make-up will not only give you more confidence but make your make-up look look 10x better.


4. If you want to make your powder eye shadow and liner last all day, apply a cream shadow base. Put the lightweight base on your eyelid first and then apply your regular eye makeup. It will last for hours without having to take the time and reapply.


5. Use Vaseline under your eyes before you go to bed, by the time you wake up dark circles will be gone and the Vaseline will have been absorbed while you slept.


6. Always use an SPF! Don’t worry if its not sunny wear it. Your skin will thank you so much in a few years, it will hold off fine lines and wrinkles for a bit longer, and prevent sun damage.


7. No matter how late it is or how tired (drunk) you are wash your face, take off your make-up. If you don’t you’ll clog your pores and then you’ll get spots.


8. Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.


9.  When choosing a red lipstick, you just want to remember to get one that looks good with your undertone. If you have a warm undertone, then go for warmer reds, and if you have a cool undertone, then go cooler.


10. Remember, clean brushes to fight against potential bacteria and breakouts!


11.  If you don’t have nail polish remover, apply clear nail polish over and then wipe off. It will remove old polish.


12.  Replace your mascara and liquid liners every three months.


13.  When you’re buying new makeup at the store, make sure it is really new. I have walked down the aisles of the store catching young teenage girls sampling lipstick and foundation to make sure it is the right shade. Turns out that scientists have found some pretty nasty Bactria on department store makeup testers including staph, strep, and E. coli. Stick to makeup with plastic seals or those packed away behind the counter in an unopened box.


14. If you’ve had it with smudgy lids, store your eyeliner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use. It will stop the tip from crumbling and will allow a smooth application across your skin.


15. No matter how many beauty tips and tricks you read in your lifetime, the most important is this: it’s important to drink as much water as possible each and every day. It keeps your skin looking healthy, will make you feel healthy and hydrated, and your skin and hair feeling supple! It truly is a girl’s best friend.


Make Up Essentials

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of make up, and I was thinking the other day if hypothetically I ‘lost’ all of my make-up in a freak accident where I would more than likely cry an awful lot. What would I replace? So I thought I’d write a blog post telling you.  I disscussed this with a friend the other day and we thought there has to be a few rules but we only thought of one rule and it’s pretty obvious really and that is the products we would be replace can not be limited edition.

These are my picks….

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Sleek Blush by 3 pallet

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This is the Sleek Blush by 3 pallet called Lace 367 and it’s honestly the best blush I have ever used.


The shades in the pallet each have different names the orange coral shade on the left is called ‘Chantilly’ the middle shimmery pink is called ‘Guipure’ and the pink coral shade is called ‘crochet’  they’re all lovely colours and they feel smooth on your skin and you only need to use the smallest amount of product as their so highly pigmented.

I apply these using a real techniques blush brush and I later go over the top of the blush with whatever is left on my foundation brush because their so pigmented and I’m so pale it’s the only way I feel comfortable wearing the colours, you may like really bright blush and if you do I bet it looks amazing but I’m just not that brave.

I love the middle shade ‘Guipure’ the best because I don’t have to put foundation over it, it’s still highly pigmented so they key this is to use a light hand while applying.

I bet this blush pallet would look great on every single skin tone and the best thing about this pallet is that its affordable! it costs just £9.99 for three very pigmented blushes that’s a bargain and I think that their so much better than MAC blushes and a lot more pigmented.

The downside to this product is that sleek is a UK only brand and can only be bought a Superdrug but they do have a website and I think if you pay extra they will ship out to some countries.

I hope you enjoyed this post my apologies for it being later than usual feel free to tweet me




Make Up Academy (MUA) Product Review.

iphone 1 045

Lately I have been hearing some good things about MUA products and thought I would give some a try. I had used one or two products before but I have never done a review. Some of the products are really great quality and are worth for more than the price they retail for. MUA can only be purchased at Superdrug stores or online.  All links will be at the end of this post.

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This review has been a while coming and I have dropped a few hints on it, but finally here it is!

Recently the very generous people from the company Sparkle PR sent me a few products to try out from the GOSH cosmetics. Now that I have had a chance to try them out here are my thoughts.

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My Holy Grail Products! Hair and Beauty

We all have Products we’d repurchase again and again. Well after load of questions from you guys here’s mine.

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